I spent 2 hours walking through the park on Thursday scoping out a perfect spot for a Christmas family photo shoot I’ll be doing today. It should have been a perfect day. The weather was crisp and sunny. I brought Duncan and my camera.

I found a small area of picket fence by the lake. Tried to get a test shot with the dog. He wasn’t enthused. I was late getting the memo that there was a National Squirrel Convention being held at the park.

not enthusiastic about the taking photos bit

not enthusiastic about the taking photos bit. 

Seriously! Duncan was in his glory chasing squirrels. But that left me one cranky pants. Dogs must be leashed after 9am meaning every time he chased a squirrel, I got dragged with him (and so did my camera). I also hadn’t eaten anything so now add “hangry” (hungry and angry) to the list. Then there was my nose that wouldn’t stop running. I had no tissues. It wasn’t pretty.


It actually was more than pretty. It was magnificent!


There are 3 squirrels right in that tree behind me…take the photo already lady!

It felt good to be on my feet for 2 solid hours and not have any pain. It’s the most “exercise” I’ve done since completing my half last Saturday. Tomorrow I’m going to take a li’l hike with the hound because I want to abide by #7 from this post and then next week I’ll figure out what’s what. Maybe some elliptical or rowing machine or just some walking. I don’t think I’m ready to run yet.

I hope you are all having a swell weekend (did I just say swell?).

Question: What is your perfect day gone wrong story? 

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