As I mentioned in my last post I won’t be ramping up training for my next marathon until January meaning that for the next 7 weeks I will have a huge block of time each Saturday (or Sunday) morning now that I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn for a daunting long run. Having run 17 races this year, and with all the traveling I’ve done, I have definitely let a lot of things fall to the bottom of the priority list. Here are 10 things I plan on conquering:

1. Clean out cabinets and closets: My tupperware runneth over, my clothing runneth over….heck everything runneth over



2. Read! I have 2 great books to start reading and I’m 2 issues behind on Runner’s World and Fitness magazines

Reading does a body good

Reading does a body good

3. Create a plan for cross training and strength training for 2014: Since I HATE to strength train and I tend to let cross training become less important than running I want to focus on these and come up with a surefire way to keep up with this for 2014. Any advice would be appreciated. Right now these have been collecting dust in my living room. #fail

a weighty issue

a weighty issue

4. Print and frame some photos: Now that I’ve given MarathonFoto a million dollars, I’ve got all these great photos I’d like to frame.

5. Enjoy some creative outlets! I’m a creative person. A graphic designer by day and I moonlight every now and again as a photographer. It’s great. But it’s always for someone else’s benefit. This time of year I get to work on my annual holiday card. I’ve already got the idea for it. I just need to do a little photo shoot. These are a few of my past cards…

I also might just grab a sketchpad and a go sit in the park and draw. I’m also planning on re-painting all the rooms in my house so there will be a trip to the paint store for sure. AHHHH! I love paint chip cards.


6. Cook and bake! I hardly ever cook but when the weather gets colder I get the urge to make pies and quiches.


Apple crisp!


yummy quiche

7. Plan a hike with the hound! It’s been a while since we did a full fledged hike. Now that the temps have dipped below freezing the ticks and other buggers won’t be an issue.


we hiked to the top of a mountain for a beautiful view. And then Duncan decides to give you all a beautiful view of his butt!

8. Get into the holiday spirit! The season creeps up so fast each year and sometimes I’m just too tired to deal. But I am looking forward to spending a weekend morning sipping peppermint mocha, hanging some twinkly lights and playing my favorite holiday songs. And there WILL be this one organized run. Each year my friends and I go for a very relaxed run through NYC stopping to see the tree at Rockafeller and all the fancy department store windows.


Sally Claus!


SMILE it’s the season!

9. Clean out/organize and back up computers. No picture necessary. This is just a necessary evil!

10. Celebrate! I worked hard this year training for so many races. I don’t have a tally just yet but I’ve logged well over 1,300 miles. There were plenty of nights I went to bed early while everyone else was out partying so I could be up at 5am to run. With Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas coming I am going to enjoy some real celebratory weekend hours. Maybe go for a manicure or meet friends for brunch. Mimosa anyone?


So there you have it! I’ll be very busy during my “off” season.

Question: Do you have any other ideas to add? Especially in helping me find the love for strength and cross training. I’ll make you a quiche!

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  1. GOOD POST…your tuberware looks a tad bit more organized then our cabinet…..maybe sammy the cat should sort them out.

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