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Hello and happy humpday! I should be hiking with my hiking friends tonight but alas I’m still limping along and had to back out for the 2nd week in a row! #beingadramaqueen

Yesterday I went to my primary doc mostly just as protocol for me to have authorization to see the foot doctor today. She said the nodule under my toe was probably a ganglion cyst and that the foot doc would probably aspirate it. She said I shouldn’t worry about the bluish color, but I left there feeling quite unconvinced. After spending too much time looking at those type of cysts online, mine looked nothing like that. And I knew that the bluish color had to mean something.

Anyway, today I saw the foot doc. IMG_8654He pushed on the lump and I winced in agony it hurt so bad. He said it was definitely NOT a ganglion cyst as it wasn’t fluid filled. He immediate said I need to get an MRI to determine what it was. He felt the bluish color meant something vascular but wouldn’t say more. He also said “nothing to be worried about”. Although that really doesn’t comfort me for the time being because I’m still limping and now have to wait first for the authorization for my MRI to come through (I’m told Friday) and then I’ll have to make an appointment for the MRI.

This is all just too bizarre for me. I’m almost done with my pity party. IMG_8643

Going to try riding my bike tomorrow to “sweat out the small stuff”.

After two days of rain I decided I’d just limp around the park with Duncan after I came home from the foot doc.

we took it slow. he's such a patient pup

we took it slow. he’s such a patient pup

Yesterday the poor thing was so bored that I took him to the pet store just to get him out of the house for a bit. IMG_8651So that’s my toe update. It still hurts, I’m still limping and feeling fairly frustrated. But it’s small potatoes right?



  1. Small potatoes in the big scheme of things, yes, but it still stinks to be laid up with no answers. Hang in there and best of luck with the bike. How about another low impact workout (planks, squats, abs and arms) to get the lead out? Hope you feel better soon!!

    • Thanks Christie. Yeah, I have no excuse for not doing strength work. I was doing lots of bridges for glutes and hamstrings. I should continue with that.

  2. Michelle McClelland

    I’m curious if you ever found out what the bump under your toe was and what , if any, treatment was used to recover? I’m having the same issue and I can’t seem to find any information.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately I never got much of a real diagnosis. The things that eventually helped my toe heal were wearing a wide toe box shoe (I started walking in Altra Escalante sneakers and bought wide width New Balance for running eventually when i got back to running). Also TONS icing my foot and TONS of calf stretching. After the first doctor didn’t help much and the MRI basically only showed swelling I went to a second foot doctor who insisted that tight calves were probably the culprit. I stretched calves for 30 seconds 3 times a day for a few weeks straight…and slowly over time the toe improved. It was never a quick significant improvement but more of a slow improvement with setbacks along the way. I want to say it was a year before I remember thinking “hey my toe doesn’t hurt”.

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