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I’m back from a weekend relatively offline. I had a lovely weekend filled with running, hiking and even a little time spent down at the Jersey Shore strolling the boardwalk and enjoying the classics like mini golf, skeeball and ice cream!

I’m keeping up with my training and Saturday I ran 5 slow miles. It’s the longest distance I’ve run since the San Francisco Half about a month ago. I’m really excited that my foot is holding up. YAY!

Summer Running!

Summer Running!

Yesterday I didn’t run but I hiked for + hours and then took a 2.5 mile walk later in the day.

Late this afternoon I set out for a 3 miler but before I even got to the first mile I realized I was missing a very important part of running gear (especially on a sticky and hot summer day). The compression shorts that go under my running shorts. I was feeling a bit of chafing and immediately turned around (walked back) to re-dress and set back out again. Crisis averted!

photo 1

In total I covered about 4 miles. 3 1/4 of running and 3/4 of walking. It’s been so hot and humid the last few days that I just didn’t want anything hot for dinner tonight. I ended up making the most beautiful and healthy meal.

Tuna with homegrown tomatoes, kidney beans and romaine lettuce.

Tuna with homegrown tomatoes, kidney beans and romaine lettuce.

So September is here and I couldn’t be more excited! It means that my favorite season is just a few weeks away. And in just 2 weeks I’ll be headed out west—first to visit family in Arizona—and then to San Francisco for the Ragnar Relay to Napa! I’ve also got the Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope this Saturday.

What do you look forward to in September?

What’s your favorite Season? 


  1. My bday. And oh, does anyone ask if you’ve seen snooky before? 😉

    • Cool! TSA is having a birthday this month! Woot! Oh I hate when people bring up Snooky….Luckily I’ve never seen her. I have seen some of the Real Housewives of NY though…

  2. September for me means I am back at work which is both good and bad. I do love teaching but love my summer afternoon naps! My schedule looks a lot like you….funny thing. I have people coming from the east coast to run Ragnar with me! I will get your room ready and tell Gus to expect you soon!
    I got in some good runs this weekend but was too lazy to round off my miles for August…95.5. Just seems like I should have gone out for the extra 4.5

  3. September = new weather, new school, new schedule, and new goals. 🙂

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