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Last week seems like a distant memory. Monday and Tuesday it poured rain. Tuesday evening Mr. SOTSS and I saw the movie The Founder, the story of how McDonalds came to be. the-founderIt was very important that I saw it because my cousin wrote the movie! Isn’t that cool? He also wrote The Wrestler, Big Fan and Turbo. robert-siegelAnd then Wednesday I had jury duty….hard to believe I stressed so much about it. jury-dutyI lucked out and only had to serve for a whopping hour and a half! I was home in the afternoon and took Duncan out to the park to celebrate that the rain had passed and we could finally enjoy some sunshine.

Yay for sunshine and no more jury duty

Yay for sunshine and no more jury duty

I also went on another night hike which I’m really becoming addicted to.

Thursday I worked a ton but got out for my once-a-week run (still trying to rest the darn hamstrings!). A short run that felt hard thanks to the super high winds.windy-run

And then Friday began my super fun weekend getaway with Mr. SOTSS. He booked our 3rd annual ski weekend in Vermont as a Christmas gift for me. And this year was just as fun.

Two years ago was when I had that little snowmobile “incident”. Last year we stayed at the same B&B as this year and let’s face it, the best part of the trip might have just been the amazing homemade breakfast options they served. Spiced apple waffles that were the perfect texture….soft and doughy on the inside and crispy and flakey on the outside. There were also homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee cake.


Cinnamon roll!

Yes, I took a 2-day break from the whole healthy eating thing. But I’m back on the wagon today.

We drove up Friday morning with a stop at my friend’s house to drop off Duncan. He is very lucky to get that extra hour and a half with me before drop-off.

Wait? Am I going with you to Vermont?

Wait? Am I going with you to Vermont?

Road trips are my favorite. I'm such a traditionalist. A little hand holding and some good tunes.

Road trips are my favorite. I’m such a traditionalist. A little hand holding and some good tunes.

After grabbing dinner we just settled in for the night.

This chair made out of skis was in front of the restaurant. Genius. I'll have to donate mine soon to a furniture designer HA!

This chair made out of skis was in front of the restaurant. Genius. I’ll have to donate mine soon to a furniture designer HA!

Saturday morning we had amazing breakfast #1 (the spiced apple waffles!) and then headed up the road to Mount Snow for the day to ski.waffles IMG_2404I still have the same skis from 1991. Yep, they’re 26 years old and I refuse to let them go. The weather was pretty decent and while it was crowded at the lifts the trails themselves weren’t too bad.skiis



We spent most of the day on the easier trails but the last couple of runs of the day we moved up to the intermediates. g-snowboardingUnfortunately they close at 4pm because we hoped to get an additional run or two in. Oh well. Our fault for having such a leisurely breakfast and not getting to the mountain exactly at 9am. (I think we started after 10.)IMG_8920

mount-snow vermont-ski-weekendSaturday evening, since we didn’t eat lunch we went for an early dinner at the Roadhouse. I think this was the 3rd time we’ve eaten here so it’s become tradition. And while I didn’t take a picture of my soup/salad/steak or wine I managed a snap of my homemade apple crisp. So good!apple-crisp

Yesterday we went snowshoeing. We found this great cross-country ski trail last year. So this year we just went to a different section of the same trail. Some of the trails also have snowmobile traffic. But the trail we went on yesterday had absolutely been untouched. Without the blue trail markers we wouldn’t even know we were on the trail!

Catamount trail

Catamount trail

We made the first tracks in the snow, with the exception of a few animal tracks we noticed here and there. I love being outside and I just love the beauty in nature. The way the sun glistens on the crystals of snow and ice and filters through the trees. The sounds of the stream to our right. The cool variety of bark from tree to tree.nature-outdoorsI slowed us down with all my picture taking but MR. SOTSS was a patient man and suffered through. IMG_8982He also let me take some pics of us with my timer-camera.snowshoeing

If we had more time we’d have traveled farther but we needed to be back on the road to scoop up Duncan and return home by dinnertime so we turned around about 30 minutes in to head back to the car giving us a total trek of just an hour. But boy did my legs feel it. Unfortunately my hip has now been added to the laundry list of things that hurt lately. Groin, high hamstring and hip oh my!

So what’s new with you?

Do you like winter sports?

Have you ever done a ski weekend?

Ever been to Vermont?

Do you like apple crisp?



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