I’m sure I’ve used “Thursday Things” before as a blog post title so I’ll give myself an F for creativity. I’m ok with that.

So the Subaru is now fixed! Turns out the computer needed to be “reflashed”….aka software update.

subaruIt freaks me out that a car relies on the computer to tell it what to do with everything. Oh, and I was so busy worrying about the car not running well that I didn’t realize that the inspection expired at the end of July. I just brought it in today so now I’m good for another year. Speaking of the Subaru….I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I said goodbye to my Jeep and hello to my Subaru.

Duncan’s eye still isn’t healed. It’s better than it was a week ago but the cyst is still there. And we’re on the last day of the meds so I’ll be calling the vet to see what to do next.

This is our 7am

This is our 7am

And my workload is balancing out. Whew! I’ve got lots of work coming down the pike over the next few weeks but I think everything is doable.

And I’m back in action with my exercise. I was able to bike for 11.5 miles on Sunday.

Channeling my inner Kermit the Frog

Channeling my inner Kermit the Frog

I also hit a distance record in the pool yesterday….30 laps!

Happy to be able to benchmark little improvements in the exercise category

Happy to be able to benchmark little improvements in the exercise category

I have also been to yoga twice this week!

I even did a little yoga "pre-gaming" by foam rolling a bit first

I even did a little yoga “pre-gaming” by foam rolling a bit first

Today I’ll be taking a rest day. The arch of my good foot started to hurt a bit this week so I want to give it a chance to calm down. And my calves are feeling tight too. Maybe I overstretched on the ProStretch at PT?


Speaking of physical therapy, this week they manipulated my entire foot to loosen up my fascia and it was so painful. She said i’d be sore for a few days and I have been. But hopefully I’ll feel the benefits in another day or two. I also was given a new exercise to do to strengthen my foot. Towel scrunch pickup.towel-scrunch-pickup-exercise

Every day I get pissy about the fact that my toe/foot is just not healing fast enough. But every day I manage to push through the pissy and find something to be happy about. I’m thrilled that I can now swim 30 laps in the pool and not feel as winded as I did when I first began this doggie paddle endeavor a few weeks ago. I even decided to be an adult and cook for myself this week. Say hello to my little boneless pork chops and sauteed spinachporkchops

So while I feel like the rest of the world is training for their fall races, I’m going to keep on keeping on with all that I can do and visualize myself healthy and running all the miles in 2018 🙂

Got any Thursday Things to share?