Hi-dee-ho there!

I came home from work last night to 2 packages.

First package was the replacement “enhancer” pieces for my Yurbuds Inspire earbuds that I bought a few months ago, and then lost one of the enhancers the day of the NYC Marathon.

for $10 they send you 2 sets of them so now I've got a backup pair =)

for $10 they send you 2 sets of them so now I’ve got a backup pair =)

I don’t think I’ve listened to music on a run since the marathon so today I went for a run and boy did I need my music. I struggled. This is how I felt the entire time…

Not feelin' it

Not feelin’ it

But it’s 3 miles of running that I would have regretted if I didn’t venture out for, so that’s that.

first run i opted for something warmer than a baseball cap on my head

first run i opted for something warmer than a baseball cap on my head

3 miles of heavy legs

3 miles of heavy legs

The second package was the snowshoes I bought for myself.

Someone wasn't happy the delivery wasn't Barkbox

Someone wasn’t happy the delivery wasn’t Barkbox

I bought Mr. SOTSS snowshoes for Christmas and decided I must buy myself a pair too! We’re heading up to Vermont at the end of the month and we’ll definitely be using them (so long as there is enough snow!)

So I’m finally getting a chance to share my thoughts about the Roosport pouch that Jane sent me as a holiday gift last month. I wore it a few times to get a good feel for it.



The Roosport pouch is a beltless option for toting small items while running (or walking). I’m really used to my Spibelt which I’ve been using since I started running marathons and while I don’t mind the belt part most of the time, there are those few occasions where it irritates me and I just want to toss it.

So here’s what I think about the Roosport:

It’s really cute! I love the blue accents. There are a bunch of colors to choose from so thanks Jane for picking this color for me. I like the idea of it. The magnet closure is really secure and the pockets fit my phone, money, ID, and keys. I don’t think it would fit all of my fuel for marathons but possibly for half-marathons. The biggest issue for me is that I can’t seem to get to the items in the pouch with ease while on the go. Aside from the small zippered pocket on the flap, everything else is in the pocket that is on the other side of your pants (capris, shorts, skirt etc.) And with my wide waist band capris and extra “middle” I can’t really get my hand in to find the zipper. Also, I wanted to secure the pouch in the small of my back but it bounced a lot there so the best place I found was on my hip bone. This also makes it hard for me to get to it. It looks funny because it protrudes out from under my shirt. (sorry for the terrible pics. My phone was in the pouch so i had to use the camera on my laptop).

If I keep the shirt tucked a bit It seems better

If I keep the shirt tucked a bit It seems better

I don't like to draw attention to my "thickest" part so the lumpy aspect isn't the best

I don’t like to draw attention to my “thickest” part so the lumpy aspect isn’t the best

The good news is that the pouch was secure, didn’t irritate me at all and didn’t bounce once I found my “sweet spot”. So I think for me, it’s best suited for things I won’t need to access while running. (I could keep something like a chapstick on the outer pocket for access while running). Maybe just cash if i needed to stop at the store to buy water on a long run, or just to carry my phone for safety reasons. I don’t think I’ll ever wear this for a marathon. I might keep trying to pull the pouch completely out while running so i can fiddle with it and then learn to get it back in the sweet spot of my waistband again. If I can master that, then it will open up a whole new ballgame for me.

Also, they sell clear waterproof bags that fit inside if you want to protect your phone from moisture. Trust me, you sweat a lot around the waistband. In 3 miles the pouch was damp. My phone was fine but 26 miles? Probably not so much.

BUT, I definitely will use this when I walk the dog at the park when I don’t have a jacket with pockets. And I’ll use it for my shorter runs when I’m working from home because I like the idea I can have my phone with me just in case a client needs to reach me.

It’s definitely going to be a personal choice for everyone and I don’t think I can tell you one way or the other if you should get it. I can say that if you’re used to tucking things in your waistband then this is definitely for you =).

Happy Humpday!

Do you tote stuff around when you run? Do you use a fuel belt or some other type of pouch?