First I need to give a shout out to my favorite bridge who just had a 50th birthday!!!!

Verrazano Bridge

Happy Birthday Verrazano Bridge

I drove down to Philly to work at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo. I was supposed to be there at noon but there was some traffic so I got there about 10 minutes late. The race director for the New Jersey Marathon, Joe,  and a couple of other people were already at the exhibit booth and had set up so I just jumped right in and started working.

Representing the NJ Marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo!!

Representing the NJ Marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo!!

So many people came to enter into our raffle. We’re giving away 3 free entries each day. We even had a few people register on the spot for the full and for the half! They got 15% off. We’ve also been giving away lots of salt water taffy and even last year’s shirt. People love free stuff (including me!).

I had such a great time yesterday spending so many hours shooting the breeze with Joe (the race director). He’s quite a guy. I always knew he was quite caring just from the few times I’ve met him at some of the training runs but he can tell you so many details about so many of the past participants. He keeps in contact with many of the top 3 winners too. He described all that goes in to putting on a race including how much it costs for the shirts and medals. Cha Ching! Police for the day of the event costs a pretty penny too. I could go on and on but I’ve got to get back on the road in a few minutes for my trip down for day 2! I’ll report back more tomorrow on that.

I also got to speak with so many amazing runners. One guy signed up for NJ Marathon as a training run for Lake Placid Ironman!!!!

After rushing out about 5pm I got home and changed and then it was off to my second event of the day. The Blue Gala.

is 41 too old to wear a skirt above the knee? I hope not because I love it!

is 41 too old to wear a skirt above the knee? I hope not because I love it!

Did I tell you about my ridiculous score on this outfit? I got the top for $18 and the skirt was $18 too. Considering it would have cost $140 full price I consider this a successful sale purchase =)

photo 2

The Blue Gala was a fun filled event all in efforts to raise funds for a large animal rescue organization called Louie’s Legacy.

photo 2

She’s wearing flats and I’m wearing heels which means i’m taller for the first time in my life!

photo 3-1

Aside from getting dressed up and hanging with my dear friend Nicole, I was pretty stoked about the cheesecake and fruit tart that they served for dessert. #sugaraddict!

Well I’ve gotta run! I’ve got to be at the expo shortly. Have a great weekend.

Are you doing anything fun today?

I have run the New Jersey Marathon twice now and I’m already registered to run for the 3rd consecutive time this coming April 26, 2015.

Running the 2014 NJ Marathon

Running the 2014 NJ Marathon

Just a few feet from the finish line of the 2013 NJ Marathon

Just a few feet from the finish line of the 2013 NJ Marathon

When I signed up for the first time back in 2013 it was a total random decision but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since becoming a runner. signedupOut of the 5 full marathons I’ve completed to date, my 2 NJ Marathon finishes were my fastest and this year I made it the entire 26.2 without ever hitting the wall! And I also met Jane through this race back in 2013. You know Jane….she’s responsible for convincing me to run the Jersey Girl Triathalon =)


Sally and Jane: 2014 New Jersey Marathon finishers…woot woot!

The course happens to be a fast, flat one that is very BQ (Boston Marathon Qualifier) friendly. It also takes you on the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalk in two locations. Now that the repairs have been done following Superstorm Sandy’s destruction 2015 will be the first year back on the boardwalk at mile 20 in Asbury Park. And the final 1/2 mile is on the boardwalk in Long Branch. Nothing more exhilarating than the view of the ocean to your right! 2013-njmarathon-finish The medals are pretty fabulous too! And you can count on there being a unique spinner in the center of the medal each year. I can’t wait to see the 2015 medal. I hear it’s in the works!!!

Up and Running

The medallion in the middle spins!

Let Your Star Shine!

Another spinner! The star spins. Let Your Star Shine!

And how sweet was this post the night before the race… 10301047_10203650056393646_1716213564321201525_n OK, so let me tell you about some of the details. There are 3 races to choose from:

  1. Marathon
  2. Half Marathon
  3. Half Marathon Relay (2 runners split the distance)

So basically that gives you the option to run 6.5 miles, 13.1 or 26.2. The races are held on April 26, 2015 and start in Monmouth, New Jersey at the iconic Monmouth Race Track. The weather in New Jersey in the Spring is usually great running weather. 50 degrees on average. The full marathon has a stretch from mile 16-24 that is an out and back so it’s very spectator friendly. My family waits at mile 17 and then at mile 22. There are lots of local residents who come out and cheer in front of their homes. Many blasting Bruce Springsteen! Even a few local bands set up along the course. And I’m happy to report that each year I’ve run I’ve seen so much progress in the restoration of the shore towns since Superstorm Sandy. So basically just think of the definition of the word resilient when you think of this race….resilient residents AND resilient runners. Am I getting you excited yet? Well great news! A few weeks back through social media I discovered that NJ Marathon was looking to hire some “street team members”. Basically street team members represent the NJ Marathon at vendor booths/tents at other races and race expos (Yep, I’ll be at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo in 2 weeks so if you’re running, come by the expo and say hi!). I inquired and within a day I found I had a new part-time job! How awesome? I get to share my love and knowledge of the race with other runners. And get paid for it! (Disclaimer: I’m being compensated to write this post as part of my job but all opinions and love of this race are purely my own I promise you that!)

And what does this mean for you? You can save 10% off the current race price by using the code NJM15Sally when registering. You can register here.

Below are some links to other posts I’ve written about my experience running the New Jersey Marathon. And if you have questions about the half or the half relay please comment below or shoot me an email. I have some friends who have run the half and would be more than happy to answer questions. 20 mile training run before 2014 NJ Marathon 2014 NJ Marathon Recap 2014 NJ Marathon Race Day post So now you know why you should run the New Jersey Marathon in 2015. =) Have any of you already run it? What year? How did you do?

What an epic day!

First let me say how silly I am for the title of my post on Sunday. It should have been Almost Silent Sunday…not Saturday. Lol. Post Marathon brain fog I suppose! 

Second let me apologize for the novel you are about to hopefully read 🙂 Also, I purchased the pics from Marathonfoto but they aren’t available for download yet…grrr! So I apologize for the proofs. OK here goes…

Sunday started at 4:20 amI got up, showered and dressed and was having my breakfast by 5:00 am


SuperPretzel: I Love You!!!

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It’s getting so real! I get so excited for the whole packet pickup process that goes down at the expo. The best part about the expo for the NJ Marathon is that it’s right at the starting line.

photo 5-1


Run the shore or run the whore? LOL


run the shore? or run the whore? =)

run the shore? or run the whore? =)


photo 1

It’s at the Monmouth N.J. Racetrack (notice the little jockey’s flanking the entrance.)

First order of business was dropping of the sneaker and canned food donations. Thanks to my friends Cathy and Diana, we collected about 20 or so pairs of sneakers to donate and a big bag of canned food.

sneakers to donate

so many sneakers most used but some practically new going to good homes 

photo 2-1Next up, I headed over to the VIP booth to pick up my packet.

photo 3-1


Most people paid $75 to be a VIP but I won it as a part of a giveaway on Facebook. Score! It includes things like a special VIP tent at the start and finish with our selected pre and post race food options. They offered quite a selection but I chose a bagel in the morning and cheese, fruit and pastries at the finish. I also get free VIP parking which will be a huge deal for sure tomorrow. =)

photo 2My friend Mitch is running too. He was late to make the decision and they had sold out but put him on the waiting list. He finally got the call there was room for him so he registered on site today at the Expo. Yay Mitch! And Jane went to the expo yesterday but I’ll most surely grab some pre-race pics of us tomorrow.

I almost bought myself a cute shirt that basically was a repeat pattern that said “I love running, I love it not”, but they only had S and XL left. Is the whole world a medium????!!!! So instead I bought this adorable iPhone case for 3 bucks!…

photo 4


We stopped over at the Pace Group table and I spoke with the 2 guys who are pacing the 4:40 group. Matt and Brian are my guys! Matt is a 3:10 runner but this will be his first time pacing so hopefully he remembers he’s not pacing the 3:10 group! Brian drove up from Virginia to pace. He’s a very dedicated man. I asked what their plan of attack was. Apparently they are shooting to actually finish in 4:38 or 4:39. 2 minutes shouldn’t sound like a big deal but when I’m already shooting for an 8 min PR for 4:40 that means I’m potentially shooting for a 10 minute PR! Yikes! They said they will slow down through water stops but not walk. This worries me because I usually walk while sipping my water. So while I am starting out with them I’m prepared to bail and run my own race if I have to. I’d rather enjoy the race and not stress.

Once I got home I realized i had missed lunch so I ordered PIZZA!



I ate 3 slices already (around 3:30pm) and I’ll probably eat another slice in a few hours! And then I’ll save the rest for tomorrow when I get home! Win-Win! Gotta get that carbo-loading in check….The day before a marathon is better than Christmas! I had pancakes for breakfast too!


someone was hoping i’d share

So now i’m just chillin’ with the pooch (and his toy), and then I’ll get started with the whole ritual of laying out my clothes etc. I’ll spare you that this time. LOL!

photo 5

So hopefully next time you hear from me I’ll have crossed the finish line in one piece with a smile on my face.

thanks for the great message Distant Runners!

thanks for the great message Distant Runners!

My time goals are:
A goal is to stay with the pace group and finish in 4:38-4:40
B goal is to finish twice as slow as Shalane Flanagan’s Boston time coming in at 4:44:04
C goal is to squeak in a PR at 4:47:59
D goal is to break 5 hours

But my overall goal is to celebrate my 16 weeks of training and enjoy the run.