First I need to give a shout out to my favorite bridge who just had a 50th birthday!!!!

Verrazano Bridge

Happy Birthday Verrazano Bridge

I drove down to Philly to work at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo. I was supposed to be there at noon but there was some traffic so I got there about 10 minutes late. The race director for the New Jersey Marathon, Joe,  and a couple of other people were already at the exhibit booth and had set up so I just jumped right in and started working.

Representing the NJ Marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo!!

Representing the NJ Marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo!!

So many people came to enter into our raffle. We’re giving away 3 free entries each day. We even had a few people register on the spot for the full and for the half! They got 15% off. We’ve also been giving away lots of salt water taffy and even last year’s shirt. People love free stuff (including me!).

I had such a great time yesterday spending so many hours shooting the breeze with Joe (the race director). He’s quite a guy. I always knew he was quite caring just from the few times I’ve met him at some of the training runs but he can tell you so many details about so many of the past participants. He keeps in contact with many of the top 3 winners too. He described all that goes in to putting on a race including how much it costs for the shirts and medals. Cha Ching! Police for the day of the event costs a pretty penny too. I could go on and on but I’ve got to get back on the road in a few minutes for my trip down for day 2! I’ll report back more tomorrow on that.

I also got to speak with so many amazing runners. One guy signed up for NJ Marathon as a training run for Lake Placid Ironman!!!!

After rushing out about 5pm I got home and changed and then it was off to my second event of the day. The Blue Gala.

is 41 too old to wear a skirt above the knee? I hope not because I love it!

is 41 too old to wear a skirt above the knee? I hope not because I love it!

Did I tell you about my ridiculous score on this outfit? I got the top for $18 and the skirt was $18 too. Considering it would have cost $140 full price I consider this a successful sale purchase =)

photo 2

The Blue Gala was a fun filled event all in efforts to raise funds for a large animal rescue organization called Louie’s Legacy.

photo 2

She’s wearing flats and I’m wearing heels which means i’m taller for the first time in my life!

photo 3-1

Aside from getting dressed up and hanging with my dear friend Nicole, I was pretty stoked about the cheesecake and fruit tart that they served for dessert. #sugaraddict!

Well I’ve gotta run! I’ve got to be at the expo shortly. Have a great weekend.

Are you doing anything fun today?