I was trying to complete this post all morning but was glued to the real-time televised unfolding of the capture of the bomb suspect here in NYC/NJ. I’ve been struggling to focus and feeling awkward about sharing my “silly running” stories. So let me start by saying that I’m impressed by the swift work of law enforcement and that the bomb suspect was caught but I’m not relieved. I’ll never be relieved. The world is a different place now….especially since 9/11. I will continue to live my life but will always be alert and aware that anything can happen right here in my neighborhood. I AM “potentially” in harm’s way every day.


OK, now onto my “silly running” post…

It had been WAY too long since I traveled into Brooklyn (or Manhattan) to run with my running friends. But yesterday I finally had both a free schedule and the same mileage (12 miles) on my training “plan” so it worked out.

I traveled over the Verrazano Bridge and into Brooklyn around 9am.


We started at 10am. Starting late morning already made things easier for me. I hate running before I’ve had the chance to really wake up. So this was great. I brought a handheld water bottle and drank it all and also refilled it about 6 miles in but clearly I wasn’t hydrated enough because somewhere around mile 9 or 10 I stopped sweating and got cold. It was 80 degrees and the humidity was super high. The dew point was at 70 which can be interpreted as “super uncomfortable”. Anyway, the last couple of miles we sort of walked a block, ran a block, crawled, shuffled etc. And as soon as my Runkeeper app said 12 we stopped. I forgot to wear my Garmin GPS watch. But really, with Runkeeper and an iPhone with a decent battery who needs the watch.

Halfway through view of Manhattan from Long Island City (Queens)

Halfway through view of Manhattan from Long Island City (Queens)

halfway through view of Long Island City (Queens)

halfway through view of Long Island City (Queens)

exactly 12 and not a tenth of a mile more. We stopped a lot waiting for street lights...the only drawback to running in a busy city neighborhood vs a path with no cars.

Exactly 12 miles and not a tenth of a mile more. We stopped a lot waiting for street lights…the only drawback to running in a busy city neighborhood vs a path with no cars.

After the run I got a drink and a cherry freeze pop which was heaven….

So refreshing!

So refreshing!

until I tried to pour the melted cherry liquid down by tipping my head all the way back. The liquid came too fast and choked me and I ended up laughing and choking simultaneously for a good minute—losing some of the deliciousness to the sidewalk. And Lisa, once she knew I wasn’t in danger anymore, snapped this pic.

I'm holding two water bottles and a phone leaving me with just 2 fingers to keep hold of the attack freeze pop.

I’m holding two water bottles and a phone leaving me with just 2 fingers to keep hold of the attack freeze pop.

The good news is that the first 6 miles were very comfortable so at least I’m “10K-ready”…and in 3 weeks I’m hoping I’ll be half marathon ready :). I enjoyed chatting away with Lisa and Mike. Our friend Liz joined us in Long Island City and then we ran back toward Brooklyn together. Major blog photo fail because I didn’t take a group running selfie of us.

What is your favorite post run refresher? I love a good 7-eleven slurpee but the freeze pop was a good runner up.

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? I always go for Coke Zero. I’m slightly addicted.

Have you ever choked?

How do you handle seeing grave current events on TV or online? Are you calm or do you freak out?

Hi there.

Another week has begun. Yesterday was the busiest Monday I’ve had in a while with two freelance deadlines. I also wasn’t feeling so hot. Not really sure what the deal was….just felt weak and fatigued with a queasy stomach too.

keeping me company while i rest up

keeping me company while i rest up

I didn’t get as much work done over the weekend as I had anticipated either. Mr. SOTSS and I (and the pooches) drove out to Long Island to spend some time with his family. I thought I’d work in the car but someone jumped in my lap and I didn’t have the heart to move him so no room for a laptop.

no room for the laptop on my lap because of my "LAP-radoodle"

no room for the laptop on my lap because of my “LAP-radoodle”

While I was out in Long Island I got my last long run in before next Sunday’s NJ Half Marathon. I ran 8 very flat miles with ease. It was just the kind of long run you hope for. I enjoyed the new scenery and the miles seemed to go fairly quickly.


And there was a little walk on the beach too.

Beach Boys!

Beach Boys!

So the reason I started this blog was because I’m ALWAYS talking about running and I needed a place to share it where it made sense. Not all my family and friends are runners or interested in my running life so Sweat Out The Small Stuff really came to fit the bill. Last week, Denny Kahe, a runner and coach who blogs over at DizRuns asked if I’d be interested in being on his podcast show to talk about running. It was a no-brainer…..I love talking about running….especially with fellow runners. The podcast and post are now live and you can read/hear them here.


Denny has lots of great resources on his site. Check out some of his other podcast episodes if you get a chance. In addition to interviews with other runners, there are some quick tip episodes too. Plus on his blog, there are some great debate style conversations like wearing sneakers or going barefoot.

I’m going to take another rest day today just to be sure I’m in the clear. The New Jersey Half is just 5 days away!

Do you love chatting about running (or any other passion)? YES!
Are you a podcast person?
I’m thinking of listening to podcasts more often especially while running

Hi folks—TGIF!

The week caught up to him

The week caught up to him

So today I chose to get my long run out of the way for a few reasons.

  1. I had a fairly light day workwise which meant I could afford to run during the day.
  2. It was really lovely weather….breezy and low 60s.
  3. My Saturday will be really jam packed and I prefer to spend time Sunday with Mr. SOTSS’ and the doggies. (I still might run a short 3ish miler though).

I only had 7 miles to cover as this is my drop back week (have I mentioned how happy I am to be training for a half marathon and not a full this Spring?!). From the first step I knew I was doomed. Each turnover felt like I was trying to pull my foot out of quicksand. But brick by brick I just kept muddling through. I wanted so bad for this run to feel effortless. I even had this wild idea that I’d tack on a few extra miles too. Yeah, nope.


Finally after 5 miles I walked a bit. I looked at my watch and realized my 11:10 pace had now slowed to 12:10 and I wanted to just walk the last 2 miles. But something made me blurt out loud “Really Sally, what difference does it make what your pace is, just go. You might be running solo but you’re part of something bigger”. What kind of philosophical mumbo jumbo did I just say?

It took me a minute to process. I was out with my girlfriends the other night and started to vent about how social media can make me feel like a failure, like I’m not dedicated enough. I see these runners in my feed who are running at 4am while their family sleeps because it’s the only time they can run. I see posts from speedy runners, super clean eaters, etc etc.

It was in the midst of my struggle to just chug through that I realized this is MY story….and this will be shared for others to read. And you know what? I think that’s really important for this large, virtual running community that I like to think of as a team. I owe it to my readers/followers to be honest and share my struggles. We are all here to support and inspire each other. Not to feel envy or to feel inferior.

I am not going to try and dissect what went wrong here. I’m going to be grateful that I was able to get those 7 miles in.

Someday I won’t be able to run anymore. Today was not that day…


Yesterday’s meltdown is a thing of the past. Today, I rocked my run!
Well, let’s clarify. I didn’t stick to a 10:50 pace. I decided after a mile to see what my pace was and whatever it was that would be the pace I would shoot to maintain for the remainder.

I mapped out an 8ish mile route that would pass by my parents’ house so that I could get some water. (One of the sad things about summer being over is that most of the parks have shut off their water fountains for the season). After filling up my water bottle I took a few minutes to sit on their porch and rock in a rocking chair….Ha! Get it? This is why I “rocked” my run. And I give all the credit for the pun to Valerie, a loyal reader/runner/friend.


Rocking my run!

I did a decent job of maintaining all my splits around 11:30s and that was fine. (mile 5 I walked a bit to fuel and the last mile I was emailing with work!


Even though It’s October and there were some sights of fall…


autumnal road signs and happy feet

There were also signs that spring and summer haven’t totally left. I always manage to find those rebel honeysuckles that refuse to die! I love them!

rebel honeysuckles and some pretty colored berries

rebel honeysuckles and some pretty colored berries

When I got home, I wiped my sweaty face with a paper towel and then next thing you know this happened:


After all that running and then another mile and a half walking the dog, I was starving. I looked in the freezer and saw this big bag of corn my dad gave me. He has a garden in his backyard and grows his own corn! I decided I’d try making corn fritters. I probably needed a little more flour but they came out pretty good.

corn fritters!

corn fritters!

I’m really getting excited for the NYC Marathon! It’s in exactly one month. Time to start obsessing about the weather and what I plan on wearing…

Question: Are corn fritters and hush puppies the same thing? How do you strategize your water on a long run?