Happy Friday Y’all!

I had a pretty uneventful Wednesday. Yesterday however was EPIC! OK let’s start with my run.


How can 3 miles be EPIC? It was only 66 degrees out for a mid July summer day. A total score! And I actually came home with a t-shirt that was mostly still dry!!!! (that’s as EPIC as it gets =)

Dry in July!

Dry in July!

The EPIC-ness continued with a long awaited trip to Six Flags Great Adventure! My Niece S. ¬†turned 13 in May and also had a Bat Mitzvah. In addition to a standard gift card I wanted to do something special. At first we talked about skiing. But while she was at camp, I was spending time at my brother and sister-in-law’s and we were watching a tv special about rollercoasters around the country. That’s when we realized that my niece would love if I took her to an amusement park. Usually when work anxiety builds I go for a run. Yesterday was no different. But I discovered that I need to give props to the makers of the Kingda Ka (tallest roller coaster in the world and fastest in North America). I have no voice today. Yes ladies and gentlemen….I sweat¬†screamed out the small stuff like a champ.



I also got to ride a classic that I was introduced to when I was just a teenager. Rolling Thunder…


After 9 hours of walking, waiting, riding and stuffing our faces (cheese fries and waffle cones) we were exhausted. I thought about how many miles I had walked and of course the calorie burn. Today I googled “calories burned while walking around an amusement park” and I was amazed to see how many people thought about it too. Some people even tracked their calorie burn to 600+ based on Fitbits, Bodybuggs, Nike Fuelbands etc.

Question: Anyone use a Bodybugg, Fitbit Nike Fuelband or pedometer to track daily calorie burn?

W.O.W.: Don’t forget how easy it is to make exercise fun. Dance around your living room or walk around an amusement park all day. And don’t forget how powerful and theraputic a special girls day can be. In this case my 13 year old niece and her friend were just the therapy I needed. Now I’m thinking I need to get her to run a 5k with me. Maybe one of those fun color runs