Hi folks

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was perfect.

I ran twice on Friday wrapping up the bulk of my Ragnar training.

photo 1

My early run was S-L-O-W but in the evening I got a little pep in my step. =)

I spent Saturday indoors almost all day thanks to the rain but I watched the movie The Notebook. It came out 10 years ago and I hadn’t ever seen it before until Saturday. Cray Cray! I didn’t run though because the cumulative running in the days prior left me sore and I needed a rest day. But I did do some push ups (over the dog for added skill) Combined with an all day rainy day it was perfect.

photo 2

Yesterday I went for a hike that lasted a couple of hours. It was great cross-training.

photo 4


I also had a root beer float! So good!


And these characters got to go to Petco!


Did you say Petco???

And I am almost finished packing for my trip. Even though the relay isn’t until Friday I’m headed out west a few days early to visit with my Arizona first cousins!


The weather here has become just a bit cooler giving us a great Fall preview. I’ll be in Napa on the first day of Fall but fly home right after and can’t wait to be returning home just as my favorite season begins. I just swapped out my summery hand soap for this one.

photo 3Have a great week!

What’s your favorite season? Do you live somewhere where the seasons change? Do you swap out scented things like candles, bedding etc for the seasons?



  1. Hey, the only bad run is the run you didn’t do.

  2. 2 seasons in arizona…hot and cold.

  3. I LOVE the fall! I live in Georgia, so to someone from the north, we probably don’t have seasons. To me, though, born and raised in coastal South Carolina, we DEFINITELY have seasons here! I usually swap out bedding, but I’m not much of a swap-out-things kind of girl. I’m just glad when I swap out my closet in a reasonable amount of time! 🙂

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