I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was taking photos at a top secret photo shoot.

It was for a friend of mine and her husband, the cutest most adorable couple I’ve ever really met. It all started a few years ago when they asked me to take their engagement photos and I’ve been their go to “photog” ever since. Well this year they asked if we could do a little shoot for their holiday card. I’m excited I can finally share some of those photos.


the most beautiful sunset left beautiful pink light.

DSC_1745 DSC_1740-gs DSC_1621 DSC_1654

And then there’s another photo shoot I did with this naughty doodle for my own holiday card.

card2013front 7.07.28 AM

naughty doodle


See, you thought I just knew how to run and try to deal with stress….I take pretty pictures too =)

This morning I took the dog to the vet for his annual checkup and vaccinations and then we went for a walk in the park. There were 2 deer that were busy eating breakfast so we turned around and went the other way and let them eat in peace.

doe a deer dining

doe a deer dining…hard to believe I technically live in New York City

Then I went for a run. It was 40 degrees and I was trying to decide what winter gear I really needed.

photoI ended up with no gloves/mittens just a headband and a buff on my neck. I wore a thin long sleeve top and capris and temperature-wise I felt great! YAY! But my legs were so tired, sore and uncooperative. BOO! I managed to push through and finish 6 miles with a 10:33 average pace overall. Considering at times I felt like it was 12:33 I’ll take it!

Tonight was my office holiday party, but I bailed and decided to stay home and be cozy. After 3 long days working really fast and furiously to meet that deadline I wasn’t in the mood to get all gussied up and trek into the city on my one day off. So I went to Trader Joes, grabbed some tasty snacks and some pretty (and cheap roses) and I’m having a cocktail and watching a little TV. It feels good.

Sometimes it's best to just stop and smell the roses

Sometimes it’s best to just stop and smell the roses

We’re having some record high temperatures predicted for the weekend. They said 50s on Saturday and 60s on Sunday! It’s going to be weird on Saturday when my running peeps and I do our annual holiday windows/rock center tree run in spring running gear. We’re used to being bundled up.

Here’s a little Throwback Thursday.


Holiday run (rock center tree) 2011


Holiday run 2012 Times Square


Holiday run 2012 Rock Center

So what’s everyone doing this weekend? 


  1. running with you!

  2. LOVE the holidays photos you too, they look like an absolutely adorable couple! =)

    Your Christmas card is so fun, what a great idea, naughty Duncan!

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