Hey hey hey!

It’s FRRRRIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYY night and I’m feeling alright!!! But first let me tell you about yesterday.

I made the executive decision not to run to let my entire left leg (literally from hip to toe) calm down a bit. Instead I did a short bike ride through the neighborhood. Not my favorite way to bike because of all the stop signs and such but at least I moved my muscles and that’s all that counts really. Not to mention I love riding right up to my doorstep and being greeted by the doodle.


Later in the day I drove out to my brother and sister-in-law’s house. My brother was working late and the kids are at camp so just me and my sister-in-law went out for dinner. We hit up Cheesecake Factory and after splitting a bunch of appetizers we each got our own unique slice of cheesecake.


White chocolate and wild blueberry -VS- caramel baked apple streusel….it’s a tie!

My sister-in-law was appalled when she saw this pic of my bare fridge on my Instagram, so she cooked for me and sent me home with lots of goodies including the most delicious chicken cacciatore I’ve ever had. Plus, I stopped in to my personal organic veggie store (a.k.a. my dad’s backyard garden) And pulled some lettuce to go with the chicken.

photo 3

He’s growing a lot of great stuff.

photo 4

So this morning I got up before the alarm because nature was calling and Duncan swiftly stole my spot. But I couldn’t get mad….he’s just so stinkin’ cute.

photo 1

I started to make a list of what I need to pack for my trip to San Francisco next week and this wave of optimism came over me. I just feel really good about the trip. I’m a lucky girl. Grateful for my family who pities me and feeds me. Grateful for my running family. Grateful for my inner peace tonight.

What are you grateful for? Are you naturally optimistic or do you have to work at it?

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend.

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