The last month sure has been life-changing…

Moving In Moving Out

Note: Be prepared for a ton of dog pics.:)

Summary: I moved in with Mr. SOTSS in mid-August, spent the next 3 weeks clearing out my house and finally closed on September 6.

The U-Haul ramp right to the front door

And we’re off

Most of my stuff is just hanging out in the garage until we buy a house together next year (ish)

These are two of the very few decorative items that made the cut in the move. Most went to Goodwill.

And I’ve been taking pictures of Duncan and Chester every 5 minutes since.

I now have 8 paws to wipe on rainy days

hanging with me while i work



in front of the canoe and kayak rentals that i didn’t get a chance to rent and now the season is closed:(

by the lake….did I mention we live across the street from a lake?

playing with his toy squirrels

at my feet

On the running front, other than one 3 mile brisk walk that I picked up the pace to a run sporadically, I haven’t run at all in 6 weeks.

My one attempt at a run in over a month

But I’m finally getting into a routine and hope to make a plan for the Fall. Ideally, run slow and steady through October, November and December and start building up in January to hopefully run a 10K or a half in the Spring. It’s really amazing that when an injury happens and you’re told no running for 6 weeks it feels like a lifetime. But, honestly I’ve been so busy with the move (and work!) that I haven’t had the pangs. I do however look forward to the runner’s high again!

Last picture in front of my front door

Saying goodbye to my home of 18 years was emotional.

Duncan’s first and last day at the house

But by the time the closing came I was truly excited to pass off the keys. The couple who bought my home are really awesome and they continue to tell me how much they love the home. It’s in good hands.

No more furniture!

Moving in with Mr. SOTSS has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but frankly, just been downright scared to do. When you are totally in control of everything for 18 years, it’s hard to adjust. He’s been amazing! His daughters too! They love that I keep a few extra goodies in the snack drawer and fridge and they like that I’ve organized the medicine cabinet. LOL. Chester loves that he has a second couch to relax on and gets his dinner promptly at 5pm.

Really Chester, you should learn to relax.

Duncan LOVES the back yard and all the windows in the sun room. This place is squirrel heaven!

Squirrel viewing

I love that Mr. SOTSS handles the garbage and recycling. And he enjoys that we can walk the dogs as a pack each night and just unload our daily highs and lows.

Getting used to hardwood floors and a shedding dog has been a lot for me. And I’ve chosen cleaning the floors as my permanent chore (anything not to put out the garbage) My Swiffer is my new best friend, with the Dustbuster a close second. I don’t know how Chester isn’t bald. LOL. I’ve been brushing him a couple of times a week as well. And washing dog towels, beds, blankets has become a frequent thing as well. Yep, I’m allergic to Chester so anything to keep the dander at bay is pretty important to me.

Duncan enjoys spending time in his crate

And lets Chester use it too but only because he still has my lap

Working from home gives me plenty of alone time here but I do feel bad that Mr. SOTSS doesn’t get much of that. There’s a Starbucks less than a mile away that I’ve gone to work at once or twice, so I might continue doing that every so often at night just to give him some space.

And maybe find a yoga studio or some other type of evening activity as well. I did however re-join my hiking crew for our Wednesday night hikes this week. Even moving to a different state, it’s only an extra 10-15 minute drive to get to the trail head.

My view on a rainy, foggy evening hike.

Work has been the big story for both Mr. SOTSS and me the last month as well. His business is getting busier and busier and so is mine, which is awesome and exhausting at the same time. Last weekend we both worked most of it. Friday night was kind of cool though. After working on my graphic design projects at Panera for an hour or so while eating dinner I met him to install a super large wall graphic in a sorority house on the campus of Rutgers University. By the time we finished it was 10:30 pm. But then he took me for ice cream and it felt like a date.

Alpha Gamma Delta now has a jazzy looking basement wall

It just hit me that my blog post title Moving In Moving Out is from a Billy Joel song.

Speaking of work…..I better run because #deadlines

Have a great weekend.

How has your last month been?

Anyone have any good moving stories?


  1. Glad to hear your update! Life sounds full for you. Lots going on but glad you crazy kids have time to stop for ice cream… Enjoy this new adventure.

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