Do you know that expression?

If we all tossed our troubles in a bowl we’d probably take our own troubles back. My troubles are nothing compared to so many others (both friends and strangers).

I went for a run this morning and that’s what popped into my head.

rainy run

rainy run

I woke up this morning and just felt crappy…AGAIN. I’ve been feeling crappy for a few days now. There’s the rotator cuff tendonitis that’s just been so painful lately even causing me to wake in the middle of the night. And then my entire right quad/groin/knee area that’s sore and bruised from the latest treatment I had from Doctor Wonderful Williams this past Tuesday. Add on Spring seasonal allergies that have been giving me dizzy spells, headaches and nausea (TMI: thanks to the nasal drip!) And yes, I’m sure this post is sponsored partially by P.M.S. too (more TMI). My lower back has been hurting which is often that telltale sign. I don’t really get bitchy at least.

I’ve been trying to get extra rest and just cuddle with the doodle hoping this will all pass since i have a busy weekend including a half marathon on Sunday. Luckily I’ve been working from home the last couple of days since our office is in the process of moving and we won’t be settled in the new space for a few more days.

bye bye cubicle....

bye bye cubicle…gonna miss this actually. Our new space is “open concept”. No more partitions…

But I’ve been curious to see how the knee is doing and even though I felt so crappy and it was raining I got myself together and headed out for 4 miles on my lunch break. Good news is the knee is doing SO MUCH BETTER! I felt the usual twinges in the first 1/2 mile but then it felt so good I actually forgot about it for a bit. And no pain at all upon stopping. Woo Hoo! Dr. W. said on Tuesday he felt I only needed another 1 or 2 more sessions. So while all my other maladies made me grumpy and cranky this morning I’m so grateful that the knee is progressing and rather quickly in the grand scheme of things. I’m hoping once I give my shoulder the proper attention it’ll get better as well.

I know you all don’t come here to read about my illnesses and injuries but more for the cute dog pics…so here….Duncan in every angle imaginable.

staring down my peanut butter toast

staring down my peanut butter toast

and stretching his hip flexors

and stretching his hip flexors

Working on tight quads

Working on tight quads

Get off Facebook please

Get off Facebook please

I’m excited to head into Sunday’s race feeling a little more confident in my knee. While I won’t have a repeat of last year’s PR at the Philly Love Run, it’ll give me a good idea of how I’m doing and what my plan will be for the following weekend. The NJ Marathon offers an on-course training run on April 5th. There’s a 10 miler and a 20 miler. While I’m pretty sure I’m going to drop back to the 1/2 and only need to run the 10 miler, I am still contemplating starting out with the 20 miler group and trying for at least 15-17 miles. I know, I know. probably not the smartest. I’ll see. One day at a time.


So what are your weekend plans?

Are you excited that April is almost here?

Do you ever prank people on April Fool’s Day?


  1. Sometimes everything piles on is at one time and even though there are plenty of people going through so much more doesn’t mean it makes our flat times any easier.

    Soon you will felling energized and injury free.

    My weekend plans were a 24km run but I have a twinge in my calf and don’t want to injure it with my first marathon in 2 weeks time. So it could be a trip to the movies instead.
    I also just got my hair chopped off. It was a random thought and I knew if I thought about it too long I’d chicken out. Went from quite long to just touching in shoulders and I love it. With all this running I wanted something easier to maintain but also long enough to tie back.

    I also want a trip to Lululemon to buy some new things. I’m totally addicted and need a reward for all my training.

  2. Duncan is ADORABLE. Is he a labradoodle?? He looks like a teddy bear!

    I’m so sorry about your injuries and allergies! The worst part is that you really just have to wait it out. I’ve been battling a cold the past few days so I’m in the same situation.. it’s easy for me to complain/feel sorry for myself because I can’t run but there are plenty of people out there who can’t run for much bigger reasons! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. Yeah for Duncan pics! I have been unable to run for the past month and relate to your feelings. So even when you think no one wants to read these types of posts they help me feel better that someone else relates 🙂

  4. Ok, that pic of Duncan looking back over his shoulder going ‘Who? Me?’ is cracking me up! He is such the supermodel.

    We do come here to hear about your injuries, illnesses and recovery! We come here for it all. It’s so good to hear that your knee is healing. The rest will too. It takes time though. However, I’m in awe at the body’s ability to heal. I’m convinced that some of it is our mind learning to trust our body again too.

    Take it one step at a time. My injury that kept recurring for what felt like forever, has at last seemed to ease up. I was able to complete my 18 mile training run today for my marathon in May. The body can do great things when we’re gentle with it. Best of luck on Sunday! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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