2017 sure has been a roller coaster for me. The highs and lows of injury…..Sigh!

First off, I think I’m going to have to accept that the posting frequency on this blog will have to be what it is for the time being. Every 10 days or so is about all I have time for. So thank you to my small circle of loyal readers who come back to read and don’t forget about me.

So here’s the funny, not funny story…

Last Monday I woke up with some general back/hip aching. I assumed it was because of how I slept combined with PMS. I always get low back pain around that time. I had also had a string of workouts including 2 bike rides the Friday and Sunday before.

Friday ride...high!

Friday ride…high!

Sunday ride with Mr. SOTSS-double high!

Sunday ride with Mr. SOTSS-double high!

The discomfort was mild and I just assumed it’d be gone by the next day. Later on in the evening I went to yoga. Had a great class, held crow for long time, managed a few wheels. Did some awesome hip opening pigeon pose stretches an left there feeling good. Next up was grocery shopping. I live in a 3 level townhouse and refuse to take multiple trips with my grocery bags up to the kitchen on the second floor so I grab them all and do the transport in one trip.

Random photo because I have no pics of yoga or the grocery bags.... I baked some brown butter cookie bars last weekend :)

Random photo because I have no pics of yoga or the grocery bags…. I baked some brown butter cookie bars last weekend 🙂

Tuesday morning I went to physical therapy for my last toe PT session with the same mild back/hip ache but still not thinking any big deal. My PT told me he thought I was ready for some more weight bearing exercises so he had me do some toe raises, lunges and press off from this machine that reminds me of a space shuttle. And then we did 3 sets of 10 jumps. Still, I felt fine. I actually was giddy at the progression to the final step before returning to running. I was instructed to do the lunges and jumps every other day and if after a week I still felt good I could start running again. Well, Wednesday morning I woke up feeling worse. My back was really hurting. Walking seemed to be the only thing that took the pressure/pain down so I went on my hike figuring the workout would keep the muscles warm and help me recover. Thursday I felt even worse and by the afternoon my back was full on in spasm mode. Tears started. Sleeping each night got worse and worse and by Friday morning I texted Mr. SOTSS with a desperate cry for help.

Well, one of us doesn't have any discomfort while trying to sleep

Well, one of us doesn’t have any discomfort while trying to sleep

I could barely walk down my stairs. He came over and took me to urgent care where I saw a wonderful doctor who helped a ton. He agreed it wasn’t one specific thing but the months of my lack of impact exercise and my compromised walking gait from the toe injury most definitely contributed. So maybe I overstretched in yoga or maybe those lunges or jumps in PT set me off but the weakness was brewing for some time. He prescribed 800mg of Ibuprofen along with a muscle relaxer to take for 10 days. He diagnosed me with back spasms with sacroiliac joint involvement. I spent the rest of Friday with the essentials, remote, coffee, heating pad, pb&j and meds…


The spasms in my lower middle back have gone away but the sacroiliac hip pain is still there although after 5 full days of meds it’s definitely improving.

My back managed to hold it together barely going over the potholes in Brooklyn for a ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park on date night with Mr. SOTSS

My back managed to hold it together barely going over the potholes in Brooklyn for a ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park on date night with Mr. SOTSS

A tree really does grow in Brooklyn

A tree really does grow in Brooklyn

I went to what should have been my last PT appointment for my toe today and instead we jumped right into PT for my back. The usual, ultrasound, massage, electro-stim and some gentle stretches. If I’m feeling 100 percent by the weekend I’ll return to yoga on Saturday and then take it from there.IMG_2766

I can only laugh and hope that next year I’ll reminisce about that time I was just about to return to running when I got injured AGAIN!

I’m starting to realize that my desire to be active and “Sweat Out the Small Stuff” needs to sync up better to what my body is capable of. I’m almost 44 years old and all the years of running “stupidly” without cross training and strength training has caught up to me.

I’m optimistic about this back/hip thing not lasting so long. We’ll see. In the meantime at least the dogs are feeling just fine…


“So long as your backache doesn’t interfere with my walks…”


Have you ever had a second injury on the heels of recovering from the first?

Do you have a funny, not funny story to share?

Random question: What are your favorite crunchy snacks? I need some new options. Getting sick of baby carrots and potato chips. 🙂


  1. Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Have you ever tried Boom Chica Pop? Cancel remember what the flavor is actually called but it’s in a purple bag and is like a kettle corn – sweet and salty and delicious!!

    • Oh yes! I forgot about Boom Chick Popcorn. I always got the kettle corn flavor. Funny, I just found a bag of microwave popcorn in my pantry and it sufficed for today.

  2. Oh yes…my body completely falls apart when I have an injury. I know the frustration. Hang in there, girl. I went hiking this weekend and my lower back got super tight. I had a good run Monday but could feel my SI joint “coming out of whack”. I cycled yesterday and today and tomorrow will swim. Not running again until it feels OK. Just not worth it. I love carrots and hummus but sounds like you are sick of carrots. What about apple and peanut butter? Or just good old mixed raw veggies and some healthy dressing? P.S. I will always keep checking back on your blog…you just post when you can 🙂

    • Apple with PB! Yes! I’m going to rotate that in now that fall is coming. Of course once the jar of PB is open I walk a thin line with not overindulging. Thanks for always coming by to read 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your back! I had a rough year when it seemed like I was falling apart. I started to think I was being a bit of a hypochondriac. I check your site almost daily and get so excited when I see a new post!! Just do what you can and I’ll be waiting right here….

  4. Yes on injuries. Very frustrating & also agree on how running takes a toll on the body. Wish I had done core years ago. One more thing::: PLEASE,wear a helmet! You do not want a head injury!!! Trust me…

  5. Favorite crunchy snacks: popcorn, pretzels and hummus, back-to-nature crackers (sort of like triscuits) and string cheese, apples and PB……mmmm…..I’m thinking of food now…..

    So sorry about your back! I had some similar twitches this summer, and spent quality time with my chiropractor. It’s not fun, so I hope you feel better soon!

    Also, whenever you get a chance to post, I will be happy to read! 🙂

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