I woke up this morning and all those wacky aches and pains were gone! It’s a Chanukah Halloween miracle!

I still opted not to even bother running the 3 miles I was scheduled to do. Took the dog for a walk in the woods as my only exercise. It’s so peaceful and serene. My aches and pains might be gone but the nerves are lingering!!! BIG TIME!!



I’m wearing nature for Halloween!

I’m heading out shortly for some halloween festivities at a friends house. Duncan is going as a pirate.



I’m going as a nervous runner who forgot to buy herself a costume. 🙂

Speaking of nervous….I better go tackle my long prep list for Sunday. I’ve got watches to charge, playlists to sync, gear bags to pack, and finalization of a few other things I’ll talk to you guys about at some point over the weekend.

Skinnyrunner made a nice list of tips and a packing list for theNYC Marathon in this post. But I noticed she forgot something very important. Toilet paper! Yep! 48,000 runners hanging around for 2-4 hours a piece means TP might very well not be around for that last trip before corral entry. BYOTP!!! Trust me!

If you happen to be spectating or just home watching TV but want to track me, here are the details:

This is what I’ll be wearing:


I had this shirt made last year. I was part of Team Stupid Cancer. They are an amazing organization providing resources to young adults who have been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment or who have had cancer so they can get busy living. Go check them out here.  Monika from Monikaruns has attended some of their events. She has also completed 20 marathons, 2 while “powered by chemo”. Go check her blog out too. She’s quite an inspiration.

Based on my corral and estimated paces, here’s a chart that shows approximately when I will get to each mile.


This link will give you a list of ways to track me.

And lastly, my bib # and start info for tracking is:


Enjoy your halloween and I hope everyone gets treats and no tricks unless of course you’re a magician.

Question: Favorite Halloween candy? Mine is Peanut M&M’s. Anyone running the NYC Marathon too?

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