So this week I “swam” twice! 30 minutes each session.IMG_1665

Tuesday I squeezed out 20 laps (25 yards per lap=500 yards) and yesterday was 22 laps in the same time (550 yards).IMG_1694

I put “swam” in quotes because I don’t officially know how to swim so I just do the doggie paddle mostly. Like the time I swam in the ocean for the Jersey Girl triathalon almost 3 years ago to the day. (August 3rd, 2014). I was thinking about that triathalon yesterday and how totally out of my comfort zone I was. I’m really proud of that accomplishment.

Me and Jane, the girl who convinced me to do the triathalon. :)

Me and Jane, the girl who convinced me to do the triathalon. 🙂

It might mean more to me than my 7 marathon finishes. But if I can doggie paddle my way into the Guinness World Records someday…..well that might be the biggest accomplishment yet! 🙂

I also got on the bike for 9-10 miles on Monday of this week as well and practiced yoga on Monday (right after my ride) and Wednesday and I’m headed there in a few minutes for my 3rd class this week.

Monday miles

Monday miles

hydrating like a champ it's been so hot

hydrating like a champ it’s been so hot

I’ve been on a roll with all this cross-training. I am feeling optimistic and I think I actually feel a small improvement in my toe. (I go for my 6th PT session on Tuesday)

Oh and I got a new audiobook this week. Alan Alda wrote a book called If I Understood You Would I Be Making This Face?: Relating to and Communicating with Others, from the Boardroom to the BedroomIMG_1690

I’m really enjoying it.

That’s all for now.

Any fun weekend plans?

Do you have a skill that could land you a spot in the Guinness World Records?


  1. I am so encouraged to hear that you finished a triathlon but aren’t a strong swimmer! My husband has transitioned into the world of triathlons over the past few years and I find them so inspiring, but while I love biking and running, I, too, am a master dog-paddler :). Was it terribly hard completing the swim portion that way? I’m really getting the bug to do one, but my lack of swimming skills keeps holding me back (along with my “Auntie Em” cruiser style bike – I definitely wouldn’t be in it to win it!).

    • The triathalon I did was a women only event that was definitely geared toward beginners. They had “swim angels” which were these men in wetsuits with noodle floats. They came around as each heat was lining up for the swim and asked if anyone needed help. I immediately called out so I was basically paired with this one guy (I think his name was paul). Anyway he saw how scared I was (I also have a fear of being in the ocean) and kept me calm by talking to me and directing me away from the mass of women. He told me when to turn and everything. I’d never have been able to do it without him. I think a pool would be my preference for a first triathalon vs open water. Anyway, I’d look to see if you have a similar style event that is geared toward beginners or not so strong swimmers. And honestly the doggie paddle for 300 meters isn’t terrible. It’s exhausting but I was on such a high when I got done that I felt fine for the bike and run. I also have a cruiser bike so I wasn’t going for speed at all.

  2. Swimming is so hard for me now! I used to swim all the time in college (just for exercise) but now I’m out of practice and get out of breath really quickly. Good for you for sticking with it though, swimming is super low-impact and great for your joints 🙂
    I surprisingly don’t have any concrete plans for this weekend which is very exciting for me! We typically try to jam pack so many activities into the weekend I wake up on Monday morning exhausted, so a low-key weekend sounds perfect!

  3. I used to only run but about 15 years ago, I switched to triathlete! I love swimming and cycling and rotating in with running is perfect. I am glad you got to hit the pool–it’s definitely one of my happy places! Keep up the great work!

  4. Love this post – I wish I had a pool near me so I could swim more often! It’s such a great, low-impact workout.

    Hope you have a great week 🙂

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