Hi! Today something wonderful happened. Actually 2 things. No wait, make that 3.

1. THERE WAS NO WIND!!!! I ran 7 glorious miles in sunny 30 degree weather but no friggen wind!!!!!! After weeks of what felt like never ending windy days…this.was.wonderful.


2. It’s that point in my marathon training where I have started to realize improvements in my endurance and that I’m getting so ready for race day! I noticed today that I felt relaxed and enjoyed what felt like an “easy” pace for 7 miles… I averaged a 10:20 pace which is 20 seconds faster than the pace i’m shooting to average for the marathon. I should be feeling easy runs are more in the 11:00 to 11:15 range. The run ended with me feeling like I could keep running another 7 miles. I am really looking forward to April 6, when I’ll be doing my longest training run (20 miles) along the course of the NJ Marathon. It should be a good predictor of where I’m at and what I can hope for come April 27.


3. I let my curls run free…yep, that’s right! Commando curls! no hat, no headband, no ponytail, no visor….AHHHH! I hardly ever do that but it felt great. While it’s not feasible to do that for a marathon (sweat drips in my eyes,) it sure felt great not to have my head trapped under something =)

Well, I’m gonna take this lingering runner’s high with me now and head to the park to meet my friend and her 2 dogs. We’re going to do our usual 2.5 mile loop and catch up on life and the pursuit of happiness.

Catch ya later!

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