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So my toe was feeling better on Tuesday morning. I was so happy! Then, after our morning walk, Duncan ran up the stairs and was doing what I call “the zoomies” around the living room and next thing I know he was limping. Geez….really? He wouldn’t put any pressure on his right foot at all at first. But by later in the afternoon he was doing better and by yesterday he was back to normal. Whew! We avoided a trip to the vet.

We made up for lost time today with a stroll together….no coats/no limp for both of us!



Where'd all the snow go?

Where’d all the snow go?

It was 63 degrees and I actually had the sunroof open.

sunroof open!

My “sunroof is open” smile!

I was plowing through work for a client yesterday and at one point he sent me this message:

clientMade me feel so good. When you work for yourself you need some validation every now and again 🙂

Last night, since my toe seemed good I decided to go on that night hike again. They go out every Wednesday evening from about 6-8pm. This was my 3rd hike and I love how each time there’s something else that is unique. Last week I could see a sky full of stars and a whole lot of deer. My headlamp would reflect into the  This week there was still some patches of snow around and there was an almost full moon in the sky.15966270_10211670573141552_1967774039216652239_n It was cloudy but you could see the diffused light in the sky anyway.

a silhouette Sally selfie

a silhouette Sally selfie

It was unseasonably warm too. There were about 8 of us. 15977599_10211385058093086_7274360967031784655_nThere were times we were all chatty and other times all you could hear was the sound of our feet.

I registered for a local 4 mile trail run called the Resolution Run this weekend. This will be my first running miles and first race of 2017. And it’s the first of 3 trail runs in the series and each individual race medal interlocks to create one larger medal.

Between the hikes and the trail races I think I’m going to get much more acquainted with my local trails this year and this makes me happy!

So what do you have going on this weekend?

Do you like hiking/running on trails?



  1. Love your pink zip up top. Where is it from?

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