Today I walked the same route that i did on Thursday¬†and while I wasn’t trying to walk faster i ended up keeping a pace that was whole minute faster per mile!


Maybe I wasn’t feeling my groin pain as much today and so I didn’t have that hesitation in my step like last time. Who knows? But it’s exciting nevertheless to have something to smile about when you’re not running. Oh and speaking of smile….what do you think about this pedestrian crossing sign? Runner or walker? =)

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runner or walker? #runnersthoughts

Even though I’ve been enjoying these walks, I am sure to advertise to the world that i’m a runner. And today was a win-win because i’ve never been able to wear this lovely white Brooklyn Half Marathon shirt running because I sweat too much and it would end up making me look like i’m ready to participate in a wet t-shirt contest.

runner-nessSo i plan to do this one more time on Tuesday and hopefully i’ll be back in business to run again by Friday where i’ll be in CALIFORNIA!!! Yep. It’s almost here. My first non-marathon related vacation in quite some time. But don’t worry, I’ll be running twice while out there. Once in San Francisco. And once in Pismo Beach. Woot Woot!



Well I’m off to get some errands done. Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’ll leave you with this random duck who prefers the gravel parking lot over the water or the sand or the grass….


Question? Do you feel the need to advertise you’re a runner? I do. I’ve got more magnets on the back of my car than is really necessary. And I love the rainy spring season so I can wear my NYC Marathon rain jacket =)


  1. I passed a duck on my way to work doing that same thing….sadly he was sitting in the middle of two lanes of really busy traffic. I will think happier thoughts for your rebel duck.
    I am still trying to collect race shirts so I can advertise my running! but both are tech shirts and neither of them look good with my new running shorts.

  2. I think that tech shirts are trending. They’re on their way to blowing animal prints out of the water =)

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