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Hi there.

Happy Friday!

This photo popped up on my Facebook memories page. Baby Duncan! 8 years ago. He was only about 7 months old.baby-duncan

I’ve been home from Block Island now for over a week and trying to stay active without running as the toe slowly heals. I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that. I made it to yoga 3 times in the last week and am loving it still. I’m working hard to hold that crow for a full 3 breaths. And I really think we all need to spend a few minutes every day inverted. (no pictures 🙁 I tend to shut my phone before I enter the studio.)

I live in a development with a community pool that I hardly ever use. I bought my home 17 years ago this month (I really can’t believe it’s been that long) and for the first 14 years I think I literally went once and only dipped my feet in. Then, in 2014 when my friend Jane talked me into doing that triathalon, I went twice to see if I could swim.

swim skirts are the bomb.

swim skirts are the bomb.

Well, this past week I have already gone twice and am discovering that it doesn’t matter that I’m not really a swimmer, I can stay afloat doing a doggie paddle/breast stroke hybrid and got 10 laps covered my first swim and 16 laps covered yesterday.

I have a silly shorts tan :)

I have a silly shorts tan 🙂

I definitely love to set goals and while I don’t love being out of my comfort zone, it feels great to get my heart rate up. If only the pool were deeper I’d try pool running. But it’s only 4ft 3in deep.

Dear toe: take your time healing. It's ok.

Dear toe: take your time healing. It’s ok.

I’m now 3 sessions into physical therapy and optimistic that this will help me heal faster.physical-therapy

I took my bike out once this week and it wasn’t until 10 minutes in that I realized I never reconnected the front brake after coming back from Block Island (the way the bike went into the bike rack meant removal of front wheel and that required the disconnection of the brake). OOpsie! Good thing I really use the back brake more than the front.biking-brake

I also managed one “power walk” this week. My toe felt really good on Sunday so I walked briskly for 3 miles.

Rocking the "shorts creep"

Rocking the “shorts creep”

And I went on a hike with my hiking group this past Wednesday.

we heard lots of frogs in this bog

we heard lots of frogs in this bog


Getting ready to hike

Getting ready to hike

I keep fantasizing kayaking. I miss it. I wish I lived on a lake.

So a little yoga, a little swimming, a little walking, a little biking and a little hiking have helped me to Sweat Out the Small Stuff through the week.

Oh and I drove out to Pennsylvania to visit my dear friend Stef. We’ve known each other for 30+ years now! She has a labradoodle too—Bella. It was a great day of catching up.IMG_1430

And Duncan got a haircut!

I never grow weary of his before and after side-by-side photos

I never grow weary of his before and after side-by-side photos

I’m gearing to be back to running in the fall but for now I’ll keep doing a little of this and a little of that 🙂

How was your week?


  1. Love your skirt in the silly tan lines photo – it’s very flattering on you! Will you tell us more about your PT? What’s going on in that picture? Glad you’re finding other ways to sweat and stay active. You’ll be back to running one of these days. In the meantime all your other joints and muscles etc are getting a good rest too. Take care!

    • So far in PT they’ve done e-stim (TENS) with ice. This is a very traditional modality that is supposed to reduce pain. They also have been doing ultrasound which provides deep heat via soundwave. These have both helped me when I had ankle tendonitis which are soft tissue but we’re hoping that I’ll still feel something even though my issue is bone pain. I’m actually waiting for them to introduce the exercise/balance portion of this process because that’s really what I need the most. My pain is not really bad since I’m 5-6 weeks out from the re-injury. But I just can’t seem to walk normally and the extra pressure on my good foot is causing some foot and knee pain.I’ll keep you posted though for sure. Thanks for asking.

  2. Way to stay active! I love being a multi-sport athlete. This week, I ran a little, walked a little, swam a little, cycled a little, yoga’d a little and threw around a few weights. I am sending you good vibes so your toe heals quickly!

  3. You are doing great a staying active with your injury, hope your toe heals up fast!
    I live near a lake but have never been kayaking? I need to try it!

  4. I really liked this post! Good job staying active, and keep up the positivity! I am currently dealing with a broken foot, so I understand 🙂

    • A broken foot?!!! Oh jeez. I always hate to hear when others are injured. Hang in there! What type of cross training are you able to do?

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