I just returned from a 5 mile run.

watch88I’m calling it my Blood, Sweat & Tears run and I’ll tell you why. It’s not that it was some major distance or speed. Nope. It was really more about processing emotions. That’s one of things I love best about running. My morning started with the tears. I’m still so sad for my good friend who lost her father this week. I just kept thinking about how unfair it is that people should die from anything other than natural causes. Why can’t we all just live to a ripe old age and just pass peacefully in our sleep? Then I thought about my friend. She is always such a positive force—glass half full kind of girl. I needed to be that positive force in return. But I know firsthand about losing someone dear. (In case you never saw this video, my husband died from cancer soon after we got married.) So as I pushed myself up the big hill about 3 miles into my run I tried to find some positive aspect of this horrible thing. When life is extinguished instantly, with no warning and in a senseless way, we become angry and sad and depressed and overwhelmed with emotion. But we should also be reminded about the fragility of our life. This isn’t anything new. It’s just that we need to be reminded every now and again. We need to live a life that is full. We shouldn’t waste a moment. We shouldn’t be complacent and continue to live “status-quo”. Fill your life with the things that will become good memories. My friend does this. She is ALWAYS participating in life. She doesn’t know how to be still or sit on the sidelines. And so I KNOW she’s got a boatload of memories to hang on to to continue to carry her dad’s spirit along….I don’t think I’ve ever stopped grieving the loss of my hubby. It’s been 14 years. But I’ve found a way to live a full life without him here in this physical world.


Sorry for this very serious post. But I hope it helps you do something today that you can look back on as a fond memory.

P.S: the blood…..just a papercut….and the sweat….it was 90% humidity on today’s run =)


  1. Beautiful post! I love running so much for what you learn from it, what it teaches us and gives back to us.

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