Downgraded Blizzard! 🙂 I get such a kick out of weather lingo. Our blizzard watch was downgraded to a a winter storm warning. Basically after about 4 inches of snow it turned into sleet and rain. I feel bad for all the kids who were excited that they closed schools because this isn’t the kind of weather you can hang out in and build a snowman. The sleet pelts your face and HURTS. It’s 10am and I’ve only take 150 steps. If I plan to reach my 10k step goal I’ll have to get creative.

After taking 3 days off from running I got my long run in yesterday.

pre-run selfie

pre-run selfie

I wanted to give myself a 4th day of rest but knowing the snow was coming I figured better take advantage of dry ground. I set out at about 4pm. and was done before 6. And it was STILL DAYLIGHT! Sunset is now at 7pm thanks to Daylight Savings and that makes me very happy!

post-run selfie

post-run selfie

The first 6 miles of the run felt really good. I could still feel my hamstrings a bit but overall felt good. I had pep in my step for the first time in a while and I was in a rhythm ticking off miles in the 10 minute range. I felt that emotional lift that long runs bring me. I was reminded how much I love distance running and once I’m not injured anymore I can get back to running more mileage.



And I’m obsessed with my latest iTunes download: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. That song makes me so happy. By mile 7 I had slowed down but my breathing was fine (Yay for my lungs! I think I’m finally done with being sick 4 weeks later). The last 2 miles were painful. And today, as I write this my hamstrings/hips/groin area are so sore. I’ll be ensuring that I take a few days off in between runs from now until the Love Run and continue to be diligent about my rehabbing. I know overall things are better. It takes a lot more mileage to overload my hamstrings than it used to.

I saw these Spring flowers just starting to appear yesterday and today they’re covered in 6 inches of snow!IMG_8255

And lots of seagulls kept me company. It was actually creepy quiet where I was running the first 3 miles and I got a weird vibe from a guy out in the brush by the water so I turned around and ran the rest of my miles along the busy roads. Better safe than sorry. IMG_8214


That’s the longest run I’ll do before the Love Run half at the end of this month. Well, I better go outside to keep shoveling my downgraded blizzard snow 😉

Do you ever feel unsafe when running?

Do you have to shovel today?

Do you have a song you’re obsessed with lately?


  1. Yay 10 miles!! I’m always so psyched by double digits. We’re still in the blizzard zone where I am although I’m not seeing the forecasted 18 inches yet… Four mile treadmill run today, but I too got outside yesterday for 4 miles in 24 degrees before the storm hit! Hope all your sore spots feel better soon. Good excuse for a bubble bath??

  2. Wow the guy in the brush thing is so scary especially given the attacks on runners over the past year. I don’t usually feel unsafe while running but I am very aware of my surroundings. Not only because of all the weirdos out there but also because of moose and bears in the area. I haven’t had to shovel because it has been clear and cold here in Alaska so no new snow. Love the spring flowers, so looking forward to warmer weather!

    • I had a dream last night there was a bear in my house. I wonder if it was because of your post 🙂 Moose and bears would definitely be cause for concern. I’ve never been to Alaska but I would love to get there someday. Hope Spring comes soon for you too.

  3. I’m so glad you turned around when you got a creepy feeling! I completely agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry! Because really, you don’t have to prove anything, so do your best to be safe! Nice job!

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