Howdy. Happy Tuesday!
I’m currently on a plane headed to Phoenix. Good news…No turbulence. Bad news…my bean bag neck pillow sprung a leak and it looks like I just dumped out the remnants of a box of SnoCaps on the floor. #soembarrassed.

Disclaimer: iPhone WordPress blogging and in-flight wifi is not a good combo so I think you will be reading this way after I am off this plane 🙂



Last night i finally finished packing and discovered that the backpack that I bought has an exterior strap that is supposed to hold a snowboard. It worked perfectly for holding my hat and visor. 🙂


I breezed thru the security checkpoint and had an hour to kill in the airport. Luckily they changed gates on me and it required a very long walk to get to the new gate. So that killed some time. And then I rewarded myself with a yummy egg sandwich.

I had all the essentials for this flight set up before takeoff. I’m loving the latest edition of runners world. Lots of great info. Now that my travel pillow ordeal is over I’m going to dive into reviewing my legs of the relay.


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Well time to go spend some quality time with family. Catch ya later.

Good morning! Happy Friday.
Lisa and I arrived in San Francisco just after midnight. I hit the sack at 1:30am and hoped to sleep until 8:30 but alas I’m still on east coast time.

Before boarding we made sure we were fueled for take off.


Lisa and I both had aisle seats in the same row. And we were sneaker twins!!

At first I was excited that I had the row to myself.

But then they relocated a woman and her French bull dog to my aisle so the dog (in his carrier of course) could be up on a seat. It was a treat a first to have a surprise snuggler. Until he did what all dogs do and started stealing my space. First it was the armrest…



As we walked through the terminal we saw the little guy rolling on his back. He probably had six hours of itch to scratch.
Blogging from iPads isn’t easy so I apologize ahead of time for any weird styling things….

Have you ever flown with an animal on a plane? Red wind or white? Favorite froyo flavor?