I was just taking a quick peek at the miles and races I’ve logged in so far this year…

I’ve logged over 1,100 miles (between running and walking)
I’ve completed one 5kthree 10ks, ten half marathons and one full marathon



I still have one full marathon and one half marathon yet to complete and I’ll probably close up the year with about 1,300 miles. Sheesh! That’s a whole lotta running. Definitely more than last year although I can’t find my little scrap of paper with last years tally.

And this is my 75th blog post! OK enough statistics.

I had another snoozefest yesterday morning so i did my run on the dreadmill (I am not a fan of indoor running) at the gym during my lunch break. I went with a nice short 3 miles but kept the intensity high and broke into quite the sweat.

3 mile dreadmill sweat

3 mile dreadmill sweat

That’s the key to tapering. I listened to my friend new album No Amends from his band The Infinite Staircase !

No Amends!

No Amends!

It had 7 songs totaling just over 27 minutes. I had to listen to one song twice since I ran 29 minutes but that’s ok. I picked the title track to repeat. It’s my fave! Knowing a lot about what was on his mind when he wrote these songs really inspires me when I run! I’ll definitely have all the songs woven into my playlist for the NYC Marathon. Speaking of….look what came in the mail yesterday…

Doodle photobomb again!

Doodle photobomb again!

We’re down to 11 days! I had a dream last night that they ran out of water during the marathon and I had to pop into a deli in the Bronx and they couldn’t break a $10 bill so I had to wait for someone else to buy something. Then I ran over the wrong bridge…needless to say I woke up before crossing the finish line. It was not fun. I’m glad it was just a dream. Nerves I suppose.

Off to enjoy my penultimate day of being in my 30s. I love the word penultimate. Speaking of birthday….I’m hoping someone gets me a plumber. My sink is broke!


Question: Do you log your mileage and races? Do you have a favorite unique word?


As a runner, I find very few truly enjoyable ways to cross-train. Sometimes it’s the elliptical but mostly I just walk when I’m not running. I hate the gym, I’m not a bike person, don’t like to swim or do yoga. But yesterday, I found the best cross training workout..APPLE PICKING!!!

full body workout: apple picking

full body workout: apple picking

My niece and I spent about an hour and a half from beginning to end. We started with the walk from the parking lot all the way to the orchards. I’m guessing it was a good 1/2 mile warmup. We got our buckets and headed through the orchards to find the Granny Smith trees. Probably another 1/2 mile.

Then came the fun part. We climbed up and down through a dozen or so trees. I felt my core engage as I lifted myself up onto the branches and my arms were working hard to keep me steady.

1383653_10202235067139799_485535521_n 1395431_10202235505910768_82524696_n

We made a quick pit stop to the pumpkin patch for a few pumpkins and after settling our bill we walked back to the car with a combined total of almost 35 pounds of apples and pumpkins!!!! I carried both buckets for some of the time and then my niece and I split the task for the remaining time.

photo 2

I suppose I’m on to something. A new cross-fit trend? There was a bonus WOD (workout of the day) too…

We went to Six Flags Great Adventure to ride some roller coasters AND get spooked during Fright Fest. Walking the length of the park, screaming and laughing….OH YEA! Another great workout indeed!

1391915_10202234979457607_1987351671_n photo 3

Next to the runner’s high, I have to say, riding roller coasters are the next best high to have. It was a great day! And I got us season passes for 2014. I’m ditching my gym membership!

And now it’s Monday and nothing seems to be working, not my brain, not my computer, not my phone….



Question: Do you enjoy rollercoasters? What’s your favorite? I really loved El Toro

Last night I watched the full moon (Hunter’s moon) waiting for this eclipse that I read about online.

total eclipse of the heart

total non-eclipse of the heart

Never saw the eclipse so I moved on to channel surfing with my best furrpal to relax and end a busy week.

Furrpal Friday

Furrpal Friday

The other day I noticed one of my tires was really low and upon further inspection I noticed this:

that doesn't belong

that doesn’t belong

So this morning, instead of sleeping in, I went to get the tire fixed. Only cost $21 and took about 45 minutes. Then I decided I might as well get the Jeep washed. It was pretty dirty. Aside from the exterior berries, leaves, bird poo and general grime, the inside was filled with remnants from last week’s race. I had a heat sheet, the paper plate from my slice of post-race pizza, empty water bottles and tons of leaves that crept into the car as well.

looking good for an 11 year old

looking good for an 11 year old vehicle

Only one little casualty. In my haste, I forgot to remove my beloved car magnets. I had a casualty…

Gonna miss her!

Gonna miss her!

I came home, had a li’l breakfast and then at exactly 10:55am (because now I’m obsessed with starting as many of my remaining training runs at the time I’ll be starting the NYCM) I set out for a 10 miler. I opted to wear the shirt I plan on wearing for NYCM as well.

Team Stupid Cancer

Team Stupid Cancer

I let charging my iPod slip through the cracks, so I went with no music. It was a GREAT 10 miles. I started slow and picked up the pace for the second half. I felt in total control of my breath and at times running felt effortless. (who am I and where’d Sally go?)

negative splits!

negative splits!

After my run I took the pup to his our favorite place to enjoy the fresh air and the lovely October colors…

leafcollage1 sallwoods


Today has been a great day. I hope you are all enjoying it too. Catch ya later!

Time. I’m obsessed with time. I fixate on seconds, minutes, hours….I’m constantly doing math in my head.

Sally’s head: “If we don’t hit traffic I could be home by 5:43 tonight….that’ll give me 37 minutes before the sun sets”….or “I’ll set the alarm for 4:07am….walk the dog, at 4:12, jump in the shower at 4:49 and eat something at 5:15. Then hit the road 5:30am to meet friends at 6:00am”

Then there’s the time fixation while running….a.k.a. “my Garmin time”. I’m obsessed with that too. It also gets my brain all mathematical…

Sally’s head: “OOOH 11:17 pace. If I can maintain this I’ll PR”….”11:46 pace? WTF? my watch is broke. I FEEL like I’m going faster than that!”….

I’m realizing as I get older that time obsession is BAD. But it’s so hard to un-obsess….I want to make a conscious effort to change this. I want to ease up the scheduling of my life and let it flow a little more naturally. And with this effort I want to try and limit the amount I try to cram in each day. The ridiculous “to-do” lists need to get shorter. I was reading a post on Facebook that my friend’s brother wrote. Their dad passed away suddenly a few months ago. He was talking about the impending “firsts” of holidays without their dad. I commented how I remembered when my husband passed away I went through similar anxiety and dread for those “firsts”. But having been through them (and then some—it’s been 14 years) the anticipation of those “firsts” were more brutal than the actual holiday itself. If I could go back, I would have spent the time embracing my “firsts” instead of eating up my precious moments with negative anticipation.


Time is precious. And that is why I try and make good use of every moment. But I’m not enjoying each moment if I’m so fixated on the next moment. I need to try to be more like my dog. He knows how to live in the moment!

OK, now that I’ve got all my deep thoughts out of the way, on to some other stuff. I ran today for the first time since my big 20 miler on Sunday. Overall felt good. Some residual tightness in my hamstring but nothing to crazy. I started my run at 10:55am because I want my body to start getting used to this late start over the next 17 days when I run the NYC Marathon in wave 4 that starts at that time. I’m a GENIUS!

photo 3And since I started my run so late I spent all morning with the love of my life.

photo 1

We walked for about 2 miles through some trails in the woods where we saw a buck and a doe. (no pictures because I didn’t want to scare them. They are such sweet timid creatures). Then I took him to a baseball field and let him of the leash and we ran around like lunatics! AHH speed drills in disguise. So much fun!

Well I better go get some work done. I’ve got about 120 precious freelance work moments ahead of me =)

Question: Does anyone else have similar fixations with time? 

P.S.: here are a few pics from Sunday’s Staten Island Half Marathon…


My favorite bridge in the background.


running peeps


filming my finish