Yesterday’s post was a bit serious. So I thought I’d be a little silly today.

What are you willing to sacrifice to fit in a run? OK this sounds quite dramatic right? Some might say they sacrifice blood, sweat and tears while trying to train for a marathon. Me? Oh, I just sacrifice clean hair. 🙂

big hair


Let me explain…

Until the sun starts to rise at 6:30am (which won’t be until the end of February!) I’ve decided my Tuesday runs will be on the treadmill at the gym near my office during my lunch break.


New York Sports Club

We all know how spoiled Duncan is so I can’t bear to dip into his walking time in the morning with a clear conscience. And running in the dark, icy, cold is just not appealing to me.

My Tuesday run will only be 3 or 4 miles and even at a relaxed pace I can fit it in during my lunch break. Well, all except for the extra 10 minutes it would take to wash my hair and layer in the multiple frizz reducing, curl enhancing product. So yesterday, after running 3 miles at the gym, I showered without washing my hair! And you know what? I’m TOTALLY OK with that. I’m willing to sacrifice clean hair!


3 miles done

Today’s a rest day!

rest day

We take our rest day seriously!

What are your tips to make your exercise time most efficient? What are you willing to sacrifice?

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