I’m always forgetting to pack something when I go to the gym or go running with friends.

There was the time I forgot a ponytail holder and my ipod shuffle/earbuds

And the time I forgot my Garmin

Well today I forgot clean socks and conditioner! Yes they have conditioner at the gym but it isn’t heavy duty enough to untangle and condition my wild curls. I had no choice so I used it today. I think the bottle’s empty now. =)

And you know what other dumb move I did? I ran so close to the emergency shut off button that i accidentally hit it with my stomach about 3 miles into my run. I’m a clumsy, forgetful…..er….happy, at least….runner!

So you’ll have to trust me when I tell you I completed a 5 mile tempo run in 47ish minutes (just under a 9:30 pace). It was perfection. It felt great. But it feels weird not to have a photo of the treadmill stats to share. #runnernerd

I did however take this one pic in the locker room so I have proof =)


As you can see in this video duncan got a good run in today too!

We’re supposed to be getting yet even more snow tomorrow night and all day Thursday so my next 6 mile run scheduled for Thursday will either be at the gym on a treadmill or possibly moved to Friday or possibly just nixed. Maybe i’ll just use my trampoline. I’ve been having a good first month of marathon training and I’ve got a 10K trail run on Saturday and a 14 mile training run on Sunday so I’m not gonna sweat one potential missed run.

Today is my Friday! I took off the rest of the week. Just trying to catch up on stuff so it’s a “staycation”…And I guess I’ll be doing lots of shoveling too. Sigh!

Question: What tips do you have to keep you from forgetting to pack needed items in your gym bag? Have you ever run a race without a key item?

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  1. I keep a “perpetually packed” gym bag. The only thing I need to add each time are my wallet, a clean towel, water bottle, and my Garmin. Otherwise, I keep my headphones, lock, shower stuff, key card, feminine supplies, bandaids, pencil, index cards (if I need to write down the day’s workout), and hand sanitizer in it at all times!

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