Snowbody knows just how much I love the snow more than me. Really, I don’t know what my fascination with it is. It causes inconvenience in commuting, my back to ache from shoveling and it’s even canceled my flight twice. But I am a snow bunny! I love snow!

Yesterday, I shoveled a bit and then trekked in to the office. I was one of 5 people who made it in. While I waited for the bus, my hair, which was still wet froze. I could turn it upside down and it would still stand straight up.


fro yo hair!



I worked like a busy bee and then ran to my bus stop trying to make it back home before dark so the dog could have some snow time. But the bus took a LONG time to arrive. It was 11 degrees and I had on boots that didn’t keep my feet warm at all! (I’ve already started searching for better ones… L.L. Bean Sale anytime soon???)


NYC sure is the gritty city.

It was dark when I got home but luckily it was so cold Duncan really didn’t want to belabor the “process”. He got straight down to business…


this pee picture was actually from the night before so just imagine the snow is about 8 inches deeper.

I shoveled some more, had dinner and passed out on the couch. Thank god it was Friday. I was S.P.E.N.T.

Today I waited for the temperature to warm up so I didn’t go for my run until 2pm. (It was 5°F in the morning but warmed up to 25°F by the time I went. So Duncan got a little snow play action around noon…


a doodle’s nemesis….snowballs! he chews each one off when we get home

And then I opted to drive to a National park by me to do my run figuring the neighborhood streets and sidewalks would be messy. I just assumed they would have plowed the running path. I was wrong! But I ran anyway. 4ish miles total…some in the snow until I realized it was really hard and then I moved out to the road praying my new sneakers wouldn’t get destroyed (thankfully they didn’t….not a dirty sludgy salty mark at all). It was so beautiful though. I only saw 2 other groups of people….an older couple walking and another couple cross-country skiing! (Now there’s a good way to enjoy the non-plowed running paths!)


just before i started when I looked “fresh” lol!

riskkicks sotss-ecard5I got to wear one of the new Columbia jackets from my shopping spree a few weeks ago today. It was AMAZING! I wasn’t cold at all (even with exposed legs). And to think it was originally $130 and I got it for $49.99 WOWSAH! SCORE!

So now I’m eating chinese food and staying cozy for the rest of the night.


I was too RUNgry to take a pic of my first serving which included the same + 2 dumplings. lol.

Tomorrow I’m off to the annual Little Christmas party that my friend throws each year. Everyone comes in PJs, brings a contribution toward dinner and we exchange “wrapped crap”. Oh I can’t wait to give you the recap on Monday. It should be a good time. And I’m bringing the S’more’s Crack Dip! I made it once before and it’s definitely worthy of an encore…


S’mores crack dip


did i mention i made it just for me? (I WISH!)

Okie Doke, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Question: What’s your favorite Chinese food dish? I can never eat enough dumplings!