Happy Humpday.

So yesterday when I came home from work I noticed Duncan hadn’t eaten his breakfast. I took him out for a walk and he proceeded to have “the runs”. When we came home I gave him some plain rice but a little while later he threw it up. If you know anything about me I become overwhelmed with anxiety when Duncan is sick. Probably more than I should be hey, it is what it is…

I was grateful he seemed ok this morning and after ensuring he had a little water and small amount of rice (that he kept down) I left for work and anxiously waited for updates from the dog walker.

Morning eye-gazing before I left for work

Morning eye-gazing before I left for work

She said he was cheerful and that put my mind at ease for a bit but I was still anxious to get home to him.

dog walker texted me this pic

dog walker texted me this pic

And wouldn’t ya know traffic crawled and it took a solid hour to drive home.


I saw this article today and bookmarked it: 101 ways to take care of yourself when the world feels overwhelming. I probably need 102 ways but hey, I’ll take 101. 😉

When I got home, Duncan was full of energy which was good. I took a chance and gave him some kibble and about 30 minutes later took him out. Well, let’s just say it was quite a $hitty situation. I literally pulled grass out of his a$$. (TMI??? Your welcome!) He still had the runs. I’m assuming he’s working through some gastrointestinal stuff. Luckily he’s not showing any signs of lethargy or dehydration, but if he isn’t doing better tomorrow i’ll be taking him to the vet.

Once we were back home and I knew he was ok for a bit I headed out the door for a run to relieve some of my anxiety. I started out fine but literally bonked 3 miles in so I just walked the last 3/4 of a mile home.

IMG_3954But can we talk about Adele for a minute? I’m LOVING her latest album 25.


And now I’m curled up with the belly ache doodle who’s passing gas as I type this.

gassy, grassy a$$ doodle

gassy, grassy a$$ doodle

I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend to recharge and reset. And hopefully the doodle will be feeling good too.

Have you ever set out to run a short distance and bonked like it was a mile 18 or 19 of a marathon? D

So I had planned on a lovely “recap of 2014” post.

I had also planned on a “running resolutions for 2015” post.

And I also wanted to do an “update on my knee and my plans for marathon training” post.

But my entire life got in the way. 

sick doodle

Doodlebug vet visit #1

It started Monday with Duncan not feeling well. It turned into the worst illness I have ever experienced with him. Mostly a stomach bug of some sort that made him vomit and have the runs (with blood out both ends! 🙁 but as he started to feel better after a couple of doses of the antibiotic I noticed he was itchy and uncomfortable and couldn’t settle. We were basically up all night last night. So we returned to the vet today and they took him off the antibiotic and started him on some benedryl.

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Apparently I’m allergic to the antibiotic I was on

Sheesh! All I know is that I hope we both sleep peacefully tonight. Anyhoo that’s where my focus has been the last 5 days. Well, that and a little New Year’s Eve celebrating with Mr. SOTSS and New Year’s Day visit with my dear aunt who lives in Brooklyn.


New Dearfoam slippers to ring in the new year!

champagne and diy project

our essentials…a little pink champagne and a DIY project that I made him do with me. He was a good sport and obliged.


a little fail when it comes to lighting and cropping technique. LOL!

IMG 2152

New Year’s Day sunset as I drove home from my aunt’s house in Brooklyn

I hope you all have eased into the new year happy and healthy. 
So while you wait for my 2014 highlights post why don’t you share some of yours? What were the top 3 highlights of your year?