My attitude toward marathon training has been meh lately. After my 12 miler on Monday (not 13 like my typo blog post title stated) I haven’t run at all. I thought about it twice if that counts. It’s been so cool in the mornings so I have been walking with sir doodle for about 40 minutes each morning.

Sir Doodle wanted to take our usual route but i tried to get him to go a different way. he wouldn’t budge. 

If I don’t find my mojo I’ll have to get someone to force my butt out there for at least two short runs mid week.

I spent my lunch break on the NYC Marathon website trying to get jazzed.

64 days! 

It might have helped a little. Let’s see how it translates over then next 8 weeks. Maybe I need a new pair of sneakers. Doesn’t that always make you fall in love with running again?

Well, I need to be up in 6 hours to conquer the long run so I’m off to dreamland. Maybe I’ll discover the perfect remedy to my “meh” while I’m there 🙂


What do you do to get your running motivation back?

Have I ever asked this before—what running shoes do you wear?

What are you doing this weekend?