Hi peeps.
Welcome to Monday. So much to tell you. Let’s see last we spoke it was Friday the 13th and I was headed to Dr. Williams for more knee work. That went well.
Integrative Spine and Sports

heat first—then torture

Integrative Spine and Sport

The lovely waiting room. I always sit in the turquoise chair

I told him my plan for the NYC Half and he actually encouraged me to run more than 4 if I could. Love him! I high-tailed it out of his office and downtown to the NYC Half Expo where I met up with Lisa.

Love this clever cropping that the stranger who took our photo did. He probably didn’t do it on purpose but it’s funny to see half of a NYC Half sign. =)

I got my bib and bought some fuel and then headed home. I took duncan for a quick evening walk since I knew the forecast for Saturday was going to be rain.all.day.

6:30pm and we're taking a stroll. This is the best part of Daylight Savings

6:30pm and we’re taking a stroll. This is the best part of Daylight Savings

Saturday I woke up and did some retouching to some headshots I took for a brokerage firm a few weeks ago. Then I spent a couple of hours doing laundry, cleaning and eventually I started to pack up all my gear that I would need for the NYC Half plus an overnight bag and drove to the boyfriend’s house. We had dinner over at my brother and sister-in-law’s house and stayed out a bit later than I would have wanted if I was in full focus training/running mode. But since I figured most of my race would be walking I wasn’t too worried. Plus I don’t normally sleep well the night before a race. Always nervous I’ll oversleep or forget something.
OK now on to the recap of the 2015 NYC Half
Alarm sounds 4:15am. Ouch! That’s early. But I managed to sleep walk my way to my gear and suit up and was out the door by 5am to go catch a train into to the city.
4:30 am...before coffee...so flattering.lol.

4:30 am…before coffee…so flattering.lol.

I hadn’t had breakfast yet so when I arrived at Penn Station I popped into Starbucks for a petite vanilla bean scone and some coffee.

Say hello to my little Vanilla Bean friend. (taken from Starbucks website)

Say hello to my little Vanilla Bean friend. (taken from Starbucks website)

The scone is only 120 calories. It’s one of my favorite treats. I’ll have to learn how to bake them someday. I know I know not smart to eat something new on race day. But it all worked out fine. I sipped my coffee as I walked the block from Penn Station to the subway (the F train) that I would take up to Central Park. There was a man from Argentina who was running the NYC Half for the first time so I gave him advice on what train to take. I also let him know the course 411.

• Rolling hills in Central Park from mile 1-6!
• Crazy awesome energy thru Times Square. from mile 6-8
• Wind along the West Side Highway miles 8-12.
• Prepare for your Garmin to have difficulty tracking properly through Times Square and also mile 12 goes into a tunnel. (side note: my Garmin ended up saying it was more than 13.5 miles)
• Fast and flat from mile 6 to the finish.
• Heaviest recovery food bag ever (thanks to a huge bottle of water and Gatorade, plus an apple, pretzels and maybe a brick or something)
Hopefully he did well. Then the train pulled in and low and behold I get on the same subway car that my running peeps from Brooklyn had taken in. 8 million people in NYC and almost 20,000 runners coming in for the race and I get on the same subway and subway car as the 3 people I was planning on meeting up with at our designated street corner. Love when that stuff happens. (side note: I also noticed a woman along the course that I had seen at 5:30am in NJ while waiting for the train into the city. Again, almost 20,000 runners and I spot her).
We rode the rest of the way together and then had to make our way through the security checkpoint where we bumped into Robin, yet another friend.
The sea of runners waiting to get through security. It took a good 25 minutes (photo courtesy of JD)

The sea of runners waiting to get through security. It took a good 25 minutes (photo courtesy of JD)

This was no joke. We are talking TSA experience. Put your loose items in a basket and walk through the metal detector gates. Oh, and before that I checked my gear bag easy peasy at the trucks lined up on 59th street.

• So YAY for easy gear check.
• Nay for security congestion (although I totally understand and appreciate that the runner’s safety was a priority.)
• Yay for weather which was much better than last year. It did get a bit windy from miles 8-12 but it was overcast and in the 40s. Nice!
By the time we got through security we had to move pretty fast to get in to the corrals before they closed them. We didn’t have time to find our exact corral so we just jumped into the one closest somewhere in the middle and wouldn’t ya know we bumped into 2 more friends, Jorge and Lisa’s friend who she says she ALWAYS bumps into. A serendipitous morning for sure.
Jorge and JD. I love how runners are very individual with how to dress for the weather. Jorge felt a tshirt and shorts was plenty for a 40 degree day and JD wanted a little more coverage. =)

Jorge and JD. I love how runners are very individual with how to dress for the weather. Jorge felt a tshirt and shorts was plenty for a 40 degree day and JD wanted a little more coverage. =)

corral-nychalfAnd before you knew it we were off and running. I said goodbye to everyone and told them I’d see them at Au Bon Pain for our planned post-race breakfast. I ran the first 5k with no issue. I’ve run in Central Park plenty of times and also ran this race last year so I was very familiar with the course. As soon as I saw the 5k sign I slowed down and walked to assess. Of course right away the knee started hurting. Crap. Should I have walked the first 9 miles and run the last 4 like my original plan? I had multiple conversations with myself and eventually shut myself up and agreed it was going to be a long time until I crossed that finish and I better just deal. I walked most of mile 3-4 and then my knee felt better so I progressed to a shuffle and then I was back running.

Here’s the most amazing thing: other than that mile and a little issue during the last 800 meters of the race I RAN THE WHOLE WAY! I kid you not. I was not prepared to feel good enough to do so. And since song lyrics are my mantra these days I found a new one to describe this day. I was listening to a song by Nickleback called “What are You Waiting For”. There’s a line where he says “Everybody needs a leap of faith. When are you taking yours?” I took a leap of faith with this race knowing the outcome was a big question mark and it worked out for me. I’m really grateful for that. And yes, in true Sally fashion I cried a lot. I just get so emotional.
No cars....just runners. NICE!

No cars….just runners. NICE!

Took this shot for my boyfriend to show his girls. He mentioned that they love the M&Ms store. Of course I'm sure they would rather have some souvenir merchandise rather than see a photo lol.

Took this shot for my boyfriend to show his girls. He mentioned that they love the M&Ms store. Of course I’m sure they would rather have some souvenir merchandise rather than see a photo lol.

Look at that smile. I wasn't pretending. I was so happy. I was running!

Look at that smile. I wasn’t pretending. I was so happy. I was running!

I got a kick out of these girls who dressed up in that “is it blue or is it white” dress that went viral. So funny.

Is it blue and black or white and gold?

Is it blue and black or white and gold?

They were airing the race on ABC and I got to see myself on TV while running toward the Freedom Tower.

There i am on the big screen!

There i am on the big screen!

This view always makes me emotional

This view always makes me emotional

So as I mentioned just as the 800 meters to go sign appeared my knee gave way. I hobbled those last 800 meters but I crossed the finish line and within a minute my knee was recovered again. Whew! I did it.



Hi. My name is Sally and I love to run.

Hi. My name is Sally and I love to run.

26 minutes slower than my PR but with basically no training and a knee that isn't 100 percent I'll take it!

26 minutes slower than my PR but with basically no training and a knee that isn’t 100 percent I’ll take it!

I walked around the corner and met up with Lisa, Jorge and Amy.


And then I made it back to Penn Station to get the train back to the boyfriend’s house.
Coordinating sneakers AND KT tape. It was a Turquoise day

Coordinating sneakers AND KT tape. It was a Turquoise day

later on in the day we took the dogs to the park for a 2 1/2 mile walk. And by the time the evening came to a close I had taken 40,000 steps!

blownup-garminvivofitThis morning I’m feeling SORE everywhere. But my knee actually feels pretty good! My hamstrings and quads though are not happy. I foam rolled and iced yesterday and I took some ibuprofen today but I guess this is what I get for running so many miles under trained. I’m really surprised though how endurance-wise I felt fine. I never felt fatigued or out of breath. My body remembers how to do distance running. And now I need to recover smart. I’ve got another 1/2 in 2 weeks!

How was your weekend? Did you run? Did you spend any time outdoors? Are you ready for Spring?


I have run the New Jersey Marathon twice now and I’m already registered to run for the 3rd consecutive time this coming April 26, 2015.

Running the 2014 NJ Marathon

Running the 2014 NJ Marathon

Just a few feet from the finish line of the 2013 NJ Marathon

Just a few feet from the finish line of the 2013 NJ Marathon

When I signed up for the first time back in 2013 it was a total random decision but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since becoming a runner. signedupOut of the 5 full marathons I’ve completed to date, my 2 NJ Marathon finishes were my fastest and this year I made it the entire 26.2 without ever hitting the wall! And I also met Jane through this race back in 2013. You know Jane….she’s responsible for convincing me to run the Jersey Girl Triathalon =)


Sally and Jane: 2014 New Jersey Marathon finishers…woot woot!

The course happens to be a fast, flat one that is very BQ (Boston Marathon Qualifier) friendly. It also takes you on the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalk in two locations. Now that the repairs have been done following Superstorm Sandy’s destruction 2015 will be the first year back on the boardwalk at mile 20 in Asbury Park. And the final 1/2 mile is on the boardwalk in Long Branch. Nothing more exhilarating than the view of the ocean to your right! 2013-njmarathon-finish The medals are pretty fabulous too! And you can count on there being a unique spinner in the center of the medal each year. I can’t wait to see the 2015 medal. I hear it’s in the works!!!

Up and Running

The medallion in the middle spins!

Let Your Star Shine!

Another spinner! The star spins. Let Your Star Shine!

And how sweet was this post the night before the race… 10301047_10203650056393646_1716213564321201525_n OK, so let me tell you about some of the details. There are 3 races to choose from:

  1. Marathon
  2. Half Marathon
  3. Half Marathon Relay (2 runners split the distance)

So basically that gives you the option to run 6.5 miles, 13.1 or 26.2. The races are held on April 26, 2015 and start in Monmouth, New Jersey at the iconic Monmouth Race Track. The weather in New Jersey in the Spring is usually great running weather. 50 degrees on average. The full marathon has a stretch from mile 16-24 that is an out and back so it’s very spectator friendly. My family waits at mile 17 and then at mile 22. There are lots of local residents who come out and cheer in front of their homes. Many blasting Bruce Springsteen! Even a few local bands set up along the course. And I’m happy to report that each year I’ve run I’ve seen so much progress in the restoration of the shore towns since Superstorm Sandy. So basically just think of the definition of the word resilient when you think of this race….resilient residents AND resilient runners. Am I getting you excited yet? Well great news! A few weeks back through social media I discovered that NJ Marathon was looking to hire some “street team members”. Basically street team members represent the NJ Marathon at vendor booths/tents at other races and race expos (Yep, I’ll be at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo in 2 weeks so if you’re running, come by the expo and say hi!). I inquired and within a day I found I had a new part-time job! How awesome? I get to share my love and knowledge of the race with other runners. And get paid for it! (Disclaimer: I’m being compensated to write this post as part of my job but all opinions and love of this race are purely my own I promise you that!)

And what does this mean for you? You can save 10% off the current race price by using the code NJM15Sally when registering. You can register here.

Below are some links to other posts I’ve written about my experience running the New Jersey Marathon. And if you have questions about the half or the half relay please comment below or shoot me an email. I have some friends who have run the half and would be more than happy to answer questions. 20 mile training run before 2014 NJ Marathon 2014 NJ Marathon Recap 2014 NJ Marathon Race Day post http://www.sweatoutthesmallstuff.com/nj-marathon-expo/ So now you know why you should run the New Jersey Marathon in 2015. =) Have any of you already run it? What year? How did you do?

The Trenton Half Marathon is in it’s 3rd year. It consists of a half marathon, 10k and 5k as well as a kids run. I did the half last year as well as this year. And boy oh boy, what a difference a year can make. Last year I was only 6 days out from the NYC Marathon and had no expectations or goals other than to finish. Next thing you know I set a huge PR with a 2:07 finish. This year was very different =)


Pre-race selfie

I didn’t even come close to setting a PR, but I’m ok with that since my goal was just to have a good run and finish in one piece. What I’m not ok with? I literally felt like throwing in the towel at mile 4! I was just struggling A LOT! And that was before the brutal hills (more on that later). But in my usual fashion I dug deep and pushed hard (when I wasn’t walking up hills) and when I crossed the finish line I was so happy and felt so proud of myself for making it to the finish without a stretcher.

Here’s a little play by play of the day:

4:40am Woke up, got dressed and ate a soft pretzel. No coffee 🙁 I was running late.
6am. Dropped Duncan off at the BF’s house. (Thank you dear BF for making sure to be awake at 6am on a Saturday for Doodle Drop-Off).
6:15am. Drove down to Trenton. It was about an hour’s drive from my BF’s house.
7:15am. Met up with Jane, her hubby and the rest of their running posse.
7:45am. Took some pre-race photos and then loaded ourselves into the corrals.

Trenton Half 2014

The half marathoners! (photo: Jane!)

2014 Trenton half

I’m bending my knee to avoid the knee brace “muffin top” in the photo. #keepinitreal (photo: Jane)

Trenton Half 2014

The couple that runs together….Alex & Jane (Photo: Jane)

8:00am. The race was supposed to start but they seemed to be running behind. It turned out to be 22 minutes behind. Needless to say almost 40 minutes in the corral left me cranky and shivering along with a few thousand other runners. Last year they were running behind schedule at the start too! Bummer #1.

In the corrals. (Photo: Jane)

In the corrals. (Photo: Jane)

8:22am. The race finally begins. It only took a minute or two to cross the start but with a 5k, 10k and half starting at the same time it was really congested. Especially since many were walking the 5k and 10k. I literally walked across the start line and probably didn’t start running until we made our first turn out of the gates. Bummer #2. But very quickly the course opened up and I even found myself a little lonely in the later miles.

Mile 1: 10:13 split. This first mile flew. I felt good and just enjoyed what I love about the early miles of a race. I turned on my music and zoned out while enjoying some sun on my face. The bulk of the spectators for the race were in that first mile (which is also the last mile). So I looked around and read some of the signs people had. A little boy had a sign that said “Hurry up mom! I’m cold!”

Mile 2-3: 9:13 and 9:47 splits. I enjoyed these miles through the historic Capital District. The miles were flat and I knew there was a cool band that played last year in this area. I was happy to see them again this year.

This is Mill Hill

This is Mill Hill…

Mile 4: 10:28 split. Well, let’s start with the positive. This part of the course runs through Mill Hill. It’s a really quaint neighborhood that reminds me a lot of the West Village in Manhattan. Cool row houses with brick facades, lovely flower boxes and some great residents out on their stoop cheering us on. My favorite sign “13.1 miles of running seems like an awful lot of work just for a banana”. (Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the signs!)


I just can’t seem to stop the heel striking @#$!

OK and now the negative: I just wasn’t trained for this race and I knew that going in but man, falling apart at mile 4?!!!! First it was my knee starting to bother me. Then I got a side stitch (which lasted for most of the remaining miles). I was tense from shivering in the corrals and that left me with neck pain and shoulder pain. And in my blasé approach to race day I didn’t bring fuel with me. So I was relying on Gatorade more than normal. (all the extra liquid probably caused the side stitch). And toward the end of mile 4 I crossed the first of the 2 bridges on the course, the Trenton Makes Bridge. I made another dumb move here. Instead of running on the pedestrian walkways I just followed the bulk of the runners in front of me down the middle (where the cars usually go). The problem is that the pavement turns to open metal grates. So in addition to needing to slow down and gingerly travel over it so as not to twist an ankle I had a bit of a panic attack when I looked down and saw the water beneath me. I’m a wuss!

photo 2

Mile 5-6: 10:31 and 10:25 splits. Once over the bridge we ran through Morrisville, PA. I love races that span two states.

photo 3

Calamity Sally and metal grates don’t mix

photo 4

two states to run in are better than one

Mile 7: 10:33 split At this point I returned back into New Jersey. And enjoyed a straight flat stretch.

straight away!

straight away!

Miles 8-9: 10:41 and 11:47 THE HILLS!!!! Cadwalader Park! This park was really beautiful but SOOOOO hilly!!!!! I walked most of the hills. But that afforded me the time to take these pretty pictures =) Oh and because of my stupid knee I couldn’t even enjoy the downhills. I was actually slower and more tentative with each downhill step.

photo 4-1

uphill to mile 8 and downhill to mile 10

photo 3-1

photo 5-1

Miles 10-12: 10:52, 10:17, 9:47 The next 3 miles were fairly flat and straight. You basically run on Route 29. This is where I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I knew the hills were a thing of the past at this point and my knee was less of an issue running the flat straightaway since I didn’t have to worry about any sudden jerking movements. Also, I decided it really didn’t matter now about fuel or hydration because I was diligent about keeping up with it for 10 miles and I knew I could have water and a soft pretzel at the finish which was just 5k away. (oh yes! my favorite part of this race is the soft pretzels they give out at the finish!) So I made the decision to push myself. I wanted to prove that I wasn’t going to let my final miles be dictated by my struggles up to that point. And boom: my last 3 miles of the race were my fastest splits of the second half of the race 🙂


pushing it and even smiling a bit. Don’t you love how I can’t ever let go of my throwaway gloves. I’ve had them since 2012. I take them off and then don’t toss them.


I hate my knee brace muffin top! 🙁

Mile 13: 10:10 split
The last mile brings you back toward the stadium of the minor league baseball team the Trenton Thunder and ultimately you run along the warning track around the ball field and as you round the 3rd baseline you make a straight dash to the finish line at home plate. It’s one of my favorite parts of this race. Now let me mention that the finish line is narrow and would never be able to accommodate runners if the race were too big so let’s hope it stays the size it is 😉 Jane finished with a PR of 1:54 so she had plenty of time to wait for me to enter the stadium. She ran the field with me and when I rounded third base she snapped a few shots of me. 

Photo Nov 08-7

Home stretch! (photo: Jane)

Photo Nov 08-12

I love this picture. Thanks Jane! Better than the professional shots.

and DONE! Let's eat!

and DONE! Let’s eat!

So I finished in 2:16:34. And frankly I’ll take it!

All in all I really do like this race. Two states, two bridges, pretty neighborhoods and parks and some decent length flat straightaways plus a cool medal! Aside from the late/crowded start everything else is really enjoyable. As for the hills in Cadwalader park….I’m coming back for you next year!!!!

Meanwhile my knee is still puzzling me. It doesn’t even bother me the next day. I literally forget about it until I run more than 3 miles. I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks focusing more on stretches and strength like I did after my ankle injury. Even though it’s not aching all day or causing me to limp I need to treat it and respect that it truly is an injury. I MUST be 100 percent healthy come January because I am starting my training for the 2015 New Jersey Marathon and that is my goal race.




Hi folks,

How has your weekend been going? Mine has been a squishy, soggy, splish-splashy one thanks to the downpouring rain all weekend, including—as I had prepared myself for—today’s half marathon. But, guess what? It didn’t matter! As the subject line spoiler says I set a new PR at The Love Run Half Marathon in Philadelphia, finishing in 2:05:04 (my last PR was 2:07:54).

This race gave a lot of nice perks including a personalized bib, a tech shirt and a nice size coffee mug. And the finisher's medal had a little spinning part that I loved (the O of the word Love)

This race gave a lot of nice perks including a personalized bib, a tech shirt and a nice size coffee mug. And the finisher’s medal had a little spinning part that I loved (the O of the word Love)

I’ll give you the play by play and some insight into this inaugural race…

4am: Got dressed, made coffee and a small pb&j sandwich

4:47am: Took a quick selfie with my puzzled puppy. He still doesn’t understand these early rise Sundays.


5am: Walked dog quick. At this point the weather was just a drizzle.

5:15am: I headed down to meet up with Jane. I was fortunate that my friend lent me his fancy car since my Jeep is now leaking something and has to go back to the mechanic. I enjoyed the treats of said fancy car including heated seats and satellite radio. I kept it on the 80’s station for the entire ride.

photo 3

Ironically Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (from Rocky) came on…how perfect for my Philadelphia race that finished at the Rocky stairs! (I’ll explain the Mountaineers reference later)

6:15am: Arrived at Jane’s where we hopped in her car and she drove us into Philadelphia.

7:00am: We parked the car and started to take care of our last minute pinning of bibs and such. Parking in Philly can be difficult so if you decide to do a race there it’s best to give yourself plenty of time. We scored one of the last spots in the daily parking lot closest to the start. (It was $13 for 12 hours which was great since we planned to have brunch after). There probably were a few spots on the street which would have been free but we preferred to use our last 30 minutes getting ourselves together rather than driving up and down streets to find a spot. At this point the drizzle became a steady rain. I had almost thought to leave the rain poncho in the car but once it turned into a steady rain I changed my mind and put it on.

7:30am: We walked over to the starting area, used the port-a-potty, took a quick pre-race photo and then hopped in the corrals about 7:45am.

photo 1

I have to say I was impressed right away as we approached the start/finish area. Gear check, Team Tents, Bags of food and hot chocolate set up for the finishers. All were fairly organized. There were SO many volunteers who were over the top friendly and helpful. (Boy they probably had no idea what they signed up for!) They continued to announce that runners needed to get into corrals so the race could start on time and it did. It was a decent size race of just under 10,000 runners but didn’t seem to feel too crowded. Unfortunately the grounds of the start/finish area became a very muddy and puddly mess! (I wanted to take pictures but had already safely placed my phone it its’ waterproof baggy in my SpiBelt.)

8:00am: The race began. My plan was a last minute plan. I wanted to shoot for a 2:10 finish. (the idea that doubling your half time and adding 20 minutes gives a good predictor for a marathon time and that would give me some self confidence that I can pull out a 4:40 next month).

Miles 1-6: The steady rain became a downpour just few miles in. I noticed my first couple of splits were low 9s and even an 8:58. I felt great and while I must have looked silly, my poncho was keeping the rain off my neck and shoulders and helping me to retain some heat.

I could hear everyone’s feet (including mine) splishing and splashing through puddles. (I didn’t bring music with me for this race). I sorta laughed and thought to myself “hey it can’t get any worse”.

The spectators were AMAZING! So many people standing with umbrellas cheering and holding signs. One girl had a sign that had a big red button on it that said “press here for more horsepower”. Lots of runners ran up to the sign and pushed the “button” for a “boost”. I don’t always appreciate the interactive aspects between runner and spectator but as I prepare to be a spectator at mile 20 for the NYC Marathon this year I was more in-tune with that at this race. Another spectator alerted us that there were pot holes in the street ahead and to be careful. Truly the City of Brotherly Love!

My pace for the first half stayed pretty consistent with just one split at 10:25 when we hit the only real hill of the race. I hit the half point at 1:02.

There was Gatorade available at every other water stop. The first one I took was lemon lime and very dilute. Not sure if it was the rain or just mixed weak. But then the next two Gatorades I had later in the race were orange and super sweet. So who knows. I guess it’s not a super big deal but I didn’t bring any fuel with me and was feeling rather desperate for some electrolytes/sugar.

Miles 6-12: This is where I realized I could PR. Other than that one hill the course was fairly flat and felt like it was downhill more than anything. It’s also where I realized that I was getting soggy and uncomfortable and my sneakers were getting heavy. I didn’t want to be a wimp so I immediately decided I needed to remind myself of others who didn’t choose discomfort (as I basically had). I thought of this girl Meggan who I met last February when I was part of a photo shoot for Dicks Sporting Goods.

She’s been battling metastatic breast cancer for a few years and most recently is undergoing brain radiation and chemo as they found lesions on her brain 🙁 I only spent 48 hours with her but she was so positive about her situation and it really inspired me. And so silently I chanted to myself “Meggan Meggan Meggan J.  Let’s make those cancer cells go away.” As I visualized her undergoing treatment and feeling crappy, all of a sudden my squishy shoes really didn’t bother me anymore.

Mile 13: I pushed as hard as i could and can honestly say I felt such a sense of pride as I crossed the finish line. What a difference compared to the NYC Half I did 2 weeks ago. My mindset was positive and I successfully kept any frustration about the rain at bay.

Jane had finished about 8 minutes before me and after we met up and got our hot chocolate and food we quickly took some post-race pics before going back to the car to change out of our wet clothes. Also, let me mention that Jane did a stair climb yesterday in that very building behind her (to the right). She’s young and spry!

photo 2

my lucky poncho! I’m actually probably going to have nightmares that i am still wearing it tomorrow at work. lol! The medals were really nice!

photo 5

After changing into dry clothes we headed over to a cute restaurant for brunch where we met up with my friend Laura and her hubby Kevin. Laura and Kevin live just a few blocks away and brunch is a typical Sunday morning for them so it worked out great that we could meet up with them. The food was delicious! I copied Jane and ordered the same, a salmon and cream cheese and red onion omelette with potatoes, some greens and toast.


OK so here’s the Mountaineers reference. My hubby was a huge West Virginia Mountaineers fan. After I got serious about running (about 7 years after his passing) I always wondered if he knew that I found something to be so passionate about. I wanted to know he’d have been proud of me. Ironically I think I got my answer. It started at my first full marathon back in 2011. I was chatting with a girl in the corrals. When we were about to start she walked in front of me and I saw the WV logo on the back of her shirt! Turns out she was from WV and went to that college. I knew at that moment he WAS proud of me and that he’d be with me in spirit as I ran that first full.


The following year I ran the Philly Marathon and sure enough as I was walking to the start area I saw this guy:

311320_4924928162716_910507273_nSo this afternoon when we were driving home and I saw that WV bumper sticker it really made me smile.

OK well, I’m falling asleep as I type this so I better head to bed.

Hope your week starts out great!

Question: Do you believe we can get messages/signs from loved ones who have passed away? Did anyone race this weekend