Sunday dreads were starting to kick in so I opted to go out for a nice easy run this morning…bonus miles!

Duncan licking the sweat off my legs again

Duncan licking the sweat off my legs again

For some reason I chose quite the “glowing” attire.

neon overload

neon overload

It was the best smelling run i’ve been on in quite some time! Everyone must be doing their laundry today. I was intoxicated by the fabric softener and detergent aromas wafting through the neighborhood.

mmmm better than the smell of apple pie

mmmm better than the smell of apple pie

I feel better. Dreads are currently at bay and I’m preparing to attend my friend’s dad’s wake. I need that inner strength for her. So if you want to feel better you need to dress more colorfully than that the 80s and smell yummy things like pie and fabric softener. Hmmm how can we weave unicorns and puppies into this post?

Oh yes….like this….



the coveted marathon

the coveted marathon

Question: What is your favorite detergent? Ever use special “sport” types?





Work has been busy and my commutes home have been long and I’ve been having separation anxiety from my dog. I know. Quite pathetic but true. Anyway this morning I was scheduled for my short run of the week….3 miles. I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving up those 30ish precious morning minutes with the doodle. It was actually cool, about 67 degrees so I decided I’d see if he could run with me. It was quite successful. He only stopped to pee once.

Good Dog!

Good Dog!

I realized as he was dragging behind me 10 minutes into it that one mile was as much as I could expect for today. I’ve only taken him running with me maybe 5 times tops and mostly it’s been much colder out. So we did it! I named my route “The Doodle Mile”.


I think I’ll see if we can do the loop twice next time. Granted the pace was 2 minutes slower than my normal pace, but with a bunch of training on tap from now until November I think it’s fine to let these Tuesday morning runs be a little slower and shorter. It’s most beneficial for my mental health and while Duncan is not overweight, he has been getting a few too many extra morsels of people food as of late.

The funniest part was after our run. He had all this mischievous energy. He shredded a paper towel (one of his favorite things to do) and then ran amuck with his Chanukah bear squeaker toy.

I think this pup experienced a runner's high today. lol.

I think this pup experienced a runner’s high today. lol.


Dogs need to release anxiety sweat out the small stuff in a healthy way too. I was glad I could share my mile with the doodle. I wonder what his “small stuff” is?

Question: Do you like dogs? Have you had a dog or do you have one now? 

You should read this article. It’s very interesting.

How’s that for a post title?!

Last night I made some quick purchases at Dicks Sporting Goods online running shop. I got a new waterproof Spibelt. My other one is a few years old and seems to not be so waterproof anymore =)I also got some socks and the most essential summer running gear item ever….Bodyglide to combat the chafing (i got a larger stick and some smaller portable tubs to take along with me!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 7.50.00 PM

gear tidbits

This morning was tough for me to get up. I had this muppet giving me his “can you call in sick so we spoon all day ma?” look.


Good morning!

Work was busy. My boss is on vacation and I’m trying to just “get ‘er done” without disturbing him. =) Both my morning and evening commutes flat out blew chunks! Seriously, close to 2 hours each way. The evening commute gifted me this fellow commuter who FELL ASLEEP ON ME!!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!!


he’s squishing me!

OK enough of the odds n ends. On to my ergonomic enigma! I sit for many hours at work and my back and neck don’t like it. I have tried cushions on the seat. No good. I’m now thinking that I want to try one of those wacko exercise ball chairs. Like this one. I hope that will be the answer. My core is so weak. Perhaps this will help me with my posture and strengthen my core.

Today was a rest day. I’m going to run 4 tomorrow.

Question: Has anyone ever gone the exercise ball chair route? Thoughts?