I’ve been searching for easy to understand and simple, but effective strength training workouts specifically for runners. Here are 3 that seem interesting. I haven’t implemented any of these yet but when I do I’ll report back!

Strength Training Workouts for Runners

10 Minute Strength Training for Runners

10 Essential Strength Moves for Runners

Also, Dr. Williams told me to look up “the Glute Guy”. He wants me to do the 30-day glute challenge but modified so I don’t have to squat as deep. He said strong glutes are critical for injury prevention.

Speaking of Dr. W, we’ve graduated to only 1 session a week instead of 2. And hopefully I’ll be wrapping up my “knee-habbing” very soon. Of course now that I have decided to continue with my plan to run the NJ Marathon in 3 weeks I secretly want to remain under his care until after the race. =)

I ran yesterday for the first time since the Philly Love Run and it went fairly well.

5ish at a "make-a-wish" pace

5ish at a “make-a-wish” pace

And in the evening I took Duncan to the park just before sunset. It was like the game Clue: He committed his crime on the soccer field with the stick. Crime? Just being too stinkin’ cute!


Today, I was working from home and since the weather was perfect (64 degrees!) I took an easy 3 mile run at lunchtime,


I had a conference call after my run so I foam rolled and stretched while taking the call. I love multi-tasking.


And now I’ll take it easy until Sunday where I am aiming to complete 16-17 miles. And of course I’ll be wearing my bunny ears! It’s tradition…

Last year I ran around my neighborhood solo with ears and tail!


And 2 years ago I went running with my running peeps in Brooklyn


So what are your plans this weekend? Easter celebrating? Passover celebrating? Running?   

Do you have any good strength training for runners workouts to share with the class?