Well hello there e’ryone!

It’s a little after 12pm and I’m resting comfortably after a busy morning.  I hadn’t planned on meeting my “peeps” this weekend to run but when I remembered that it’s the start of Summer Streets here in NYC I didn’t want to miss out. Basically there are 7 miles of streets in the city that are closed to traffic and lots of fun free stuff to do like rock climbing and zip lining. But best of all lots of runners and bikers come to just enjoy streets with no cars. Lisa’s friend Stacey was joining us for the first time. She’s running her first marathon this fall at the NYC Marathon. She asked me questions and I answered like a seasoned pro runner who also ran NYC as my first marathon. Her big question was how to handle inclines. Gee, after 7 years I still can’t handle them. LOL!


Boys and Girls meet Stacey…Lisa’s coworker who ALSO expressed interest in running. =)

We started at 6:30am in Brooklyn and within 2 miles we had run across the Brooklyn Bridge. I went photo crazy. I love random beauty in the city. And I’m starting to realize I have an unhealthy obsession with bridges (read this post and this post).

Locks of Love.

Locks of Love.

If you Google: locks on bridges, you’ll learn all about what I learned today. This Wikipedia link sums it up.


random owl sticker.

This one is my fave of the day

This one is my fave of the day


Once we crossed into Manhattan from Brooklyn, we met up with Cindy. We passed a really beautiful firehouse on the Lower East Side.Then we got to where the rock climbing wall was. And passing through Chinatown early in the morning is not exactly fragrant…


Engine 39 lookin fine. actually it’s Engine 31 but that doesn’t rhyme with fine. LOL.


The run didn't stink....just the block we were on....

Cindy and I Holding our noses on a stinky street corner and NOT because of Lisa. She just didn’t hear my last minute request for the nose pinching pose. Want to go rock climbing wall in SoHo anyone?.

Summer Streets goes for 3 weekends. So we’ll be doing this again next week. Today’s run totaled 10 miles. We stopped a whole lot for pictures and pottie breaks and kept our pace slow but the miles were logged. After my nice hard effort tempo in the rain on Thursday I enjoyed this relaxed run.

The NYC Marathon is just 3 months away! Today was a reminder to myself how important it is to really take in the sights when you’re running. It’s part of the joy of running outside for me and the reason treadmills aren’t my thing. Whether it’s a race or a training run. Don’t come home thinking only about the miles. On November 3rd I’ll be really trying to take in all the sights of the crowds and the crazy signs that people hold up. Hmmm, maybe I need to get a GoPro camera to video the whole thing?!

Question: Do you take pictures when running in races? Do you remember the funniest sign held by a spectator at any of your running events?

Happy Sunday! It’s officially summer and it’s hot and humid here in New York City! (89 degrees 83% humidity as i’m typing this) 3 of the 5 boros representing today (Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn). We met up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for 10 miles. Summer running means you have to have a “beat the heat” strategy. We started out EARLY (6:15am) while it was ONLY 70 degrees, which meant my alarm went off at 4:30am! I got dressed and had a quick bite, took the pooch out quick and then headed out to meet the peeps. Not gonna lie, it felt really hard today. It’s been becoming the norm for me to fall back and be the “caboose” of our running group. I don’t know if it’s the pollen, the heat and humidity or what but i just can’t seem to catch my breath lately. At one point I just blurted out that I felt like crap. Lisa chimed in “well at least you look cute”. I have to admit, I’ve been buying more girly type running attire lately. I’m totally on the running skirt bandwagon and this new trend of ruching up the sides…..LOVE IT! So flattering.

girly runner!

girly runner!

Both the top and the skirt i got at Marshalls. $14.99 each!!!! They are both AVIA. The shirt has a hood, ruching up the sizes that you can adjust to your liking with drawstrings. It also has some gathering at the base of the v-neck which helps the “girls” look nice and separated. So yes, Lisa was right, I did look cute!

Speaking of trying out new running gear, Lisa’s sported her new hydration pack today. It’s her second time wearing it and she’s figuring out how she likes it. So far so good.

Lisa, Mike and Elvia

Lisa, Mike and Elvia

And Elvia’s wearing the Kaleidochic skirt from Hot Chic Sports. You can see her modeling right here too. She’s a sponsored runner for them. Mike is just modeling his awesome runner calves =)

We did 3 loops of the park and then parted ways. I love seeing these guys each week.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend. Question: Anyone get any new running gear lately? Do you purchase full price at sporting goods stores or try and find deals at stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx?