Just 10 things I wanted to tell ya…

1. My wolf pack weekend in Atlantic city was so much fun! We celebrated Barbara’s birthday the exact way we celebrated Lisa’s birthday back in February. Dinner at Bobby Flay’s Steakhouse, some slot machine shenanigans (although this time I didn’t win $300) and a little dancing at the club. Oh, and you know, we drank lots of “coffee”.


WolfffffPACK!!!! (Left to right: ME, Gina, Lisa and Barbara)

Gina's daughters helped bake these cookies for our trip. So adorable

Gina’s daughters helped bake these cookies for our trip. So adorable

adult beverages

Adult beverages


Filet Mignon with some sort of poblano pepper i think


Allow me to introduce you to these bourbon toffee profiteroles with vanilla bean ice cream. Holy deliciousness

photo 3

Finally got to wear these purple patent leather heels! (They look like they are too big but it’s just the way i took the photo.)

2. I ran again this morning for 3 miles. My ankle is still pain-free but I’ve been getting some tightness behind my knee and hamstring. I have had this before and I am certain it’s just the whole “it’s all connected thing”. So in addition to foam rolling my peroneals I will pay attention to that area too.photo 5

3. Duncan got groomed and smells delicious!


4. I am on the hunt for a good backpack to use for traveling and hiking. Something that I can use as a carry on for my air travel and also road trips. I’ll take suggestions. Not looking to spend more than $100.

5. Frustrated with Garmin lately and especially GarminConnect, their online site where I upload my activities to. My activities aren’t syncing or uploading. Pretty sure it’s on their end. I always peek to see if others post similar complaints on Facebook and then I know I am not the only one experiencing the issues.

6. I can’t believe September is only 6 days away. Nuts!

7. I haven’t been hungry in the mornings, even on days that I run including today. I’m worried that my metabolism is going to be compromised from not eating until lunch time. I need to find something I can tolerate so early (that doesn’t rhyme with donut or cookie).

8. For all you dog lovers: Gina introduced me to this cool site called Packdog. I just set up a profile for the doodle. And sure enough discovered one of his “pawpals” Ned has a profile as well.

packdogss1 packdogss2 packdogss3

9. If you missed yesterday’s post I shared 10 tips for the best overnight relay relay experience

10. Hungry Runner Girl has a post up today about body issues. She asked how we deal with it. I replied that I try and focus on what I do love about my body. My favorite body part is my eyes.

I may have body issues but I love my eyes!

I may have body issues but I love my eyes!

So what’s your favorite body part??

Hi there!

I’m exhausted. My girl’s weekend was a success!

photo 2-1

This is how my Saturday night ended.

I dropped off Duncan to hang with his friends…


And then met up with the girls. We hit the road about 3:30pm and were down in Atlantic City checking into the hotel at about 5:30. We quickly got dressed and headed to dinner. There may or may not have been some pre-game cupcakes and drinks in the room.


photo 3

The girls! Note to self: Heels are the devil.

We had reservations at Bobby Flay Steak, a steakhouse in the Borgata hotel. In one word I can describe the meal as perfection.

photo 4-1

I had filet mignon, a glass of shiraz, and we shared 4 amazing sides. Mashed potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower gratin and sweet potato gratin

photo 5-1

the desserts were off the chart! Baked alaska, 7 layer chocolate espresso cake and caramel apple bread pudding with spiced pears

After dinner we dabbled a bit in the casino. I actually had a lovely surprise and won a little over $300. I was so close to winning the progressive amount which was $48,000! But $300 is still nice.

photo 1-2

if that 100x Pay was up just a smidge i’d have won $48,000

And then we headed to the club to dance. I don’t dance and clubs aren’t my thing but there was some magical liquid courage involved and wouldn’t ya know I danced and had so much fun!


Somewhere before I passed out cold on the bed still in my dress I took this series of selfies! I think I was happy no?

photo 1-1

I woke up in the middle of the night and scared myself when I looked in the mirror

photo 1

I learned from Gina that she calls this hairstyle the Snork. Genius!

Things returned to normal this morning when I was back in my running gear! Gina and I went out for a quick run to sweat out the small stuff booze. It was 3 miles of good girl chat with some walk breaks. We both were suffering from war wounds of wearing heels the night before. Gina wore her FitBit all weekend and tracked our steps. Between the dancing and the running we’d covered over 10,000 steps! How cool is that?!


I ran on a boardwalk again!

My calves were really tight most probably from wearing heels and while we were running I felt a twinge on the inside of my ankle and my achilles tendon. It got stiffer as the day progressed. Most definitely related to the tight calves. So when I got home I put on compression socks, and iced the ankle.

photo 3-1


I’m not exactly sure if this is a minor issue or a major issue but i’m not freaking out just yet. I CANNOT afford to make this any worse with next weekend’s 18 miler on the horizon. Here’s hoping that it’s minor.

I really enjoyed myself this weekend and was able to put all my stress on the shelf for a bit. It’s great to have gal pals to share good times like this with.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m too tired to ask you a question but if you have anything to share with the class please do. =)