Happy Sunday!

First, let me start off by saying if I don’t make complete sentences it’s because i’m so tired! I’ve partied like a rockstar at the new Club 40 (years old) for a few days straight now…

Friday night I met some good friends and former co-workers for a celebratory birthday dinner. We’re closing in on almost 20 years of friendship!

this is what friendship that lasts looks like

this is what friendship that lasts looks like

I stayed out fairly late and didn’t really sleep or prepare much for yesterday morning’s long run. But I pulled it together and met my friends at the base of the Queensboro Bridge where we ran over it into Queens, then back into Manhattan, up 1st Ave into the Bronx and then back down 5th Ave in Manhattan before splitting up at 90th and Central Park West. (basically the last 11 miles of the NYC marathon course).

photo 2


photo 4

I’m coming for you mile 16 next Sunday 2:10pm!!!!

I continued running toward my car on 57th street and although I was shooting to run 12 miles, I stopped at 11.8 because Starbucks had made me a latte (well, technically they didn’t start making it until I went in and ordered it….technically schmecnically)

lots of traffic lights slowed us down

lots of traffic lights slowed us down

I walked an additional block back to my car and then headed home for some last minute packing and prep before heading to my brother’s house for my big party.

Have I mentioned how much I love the fall foliage lately? (probably a dozen times i’m sure)

photo 4-1

Then my party happened:


It was such a great night! My cake was made by an amazing cake decorator who took my bib/medal/mums idea and ran with it (get it? see what i did just there?). And my amazing friend, the Rescue Baker made my favorite delicious cookies.

7 heavenly layers of awesomeness

7 heavenly layers of awesomeness

I got so many wonderful gifts, many of which were running inspired…

photo 1

tech shirt, running mitten/gloves, It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” bracelet, and sporting good store gift cards

even these could be running inspired….

refuel and celebrate with candy and booze and sooth sore achy muscles and feet after running

refuel and celebrate with candy and booze and sooth sore achy muscles and feet after running

I am so truly lucky to have great friends and family. So now I’ve caught you up on my birthday weekend. I am going to hibernate for a long time take a nap now and then get myself prepared for the week.

At this time next sunday I’ll have just crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon! Woo hoo!

Question: What’s the best birthday gift you ever got? How much cake is considered too much cake to eat in a day? 

Happy October folks!

This is my favorite month. I’ll tell you about some of the great things planned.

Local races: I’m running 2 very special events this month that I’ve been doing for many years now.


Rock ‘N’ Roll New York 10k (in Brooklyn, NY)

I’ve been running the Rock ‘n’ Roll New York 10K since the inaugural event in 2011 where I PR’ed with a 59:55. It was a bit unorganized the first year but last year they figured their sh#t out and it was much more organized—I on the other hand was not as organized. I forgot one key pre-race checklist item–to check my shoelaces. I stopped twice to tie my shoes and finished with a 1:01:55, exactly 2 minutes slower. I don’t think I would have beat my PR but I def could have shaved a minute had those laces been tied. I’m super excited to run it again this year on Saturday 10/12! I know the course really well and I might just try to set a new PR. But there’s only one caveat…


Staten Island Half Marathon (Staten Island, NY)

…The second special event is actually the day after the RnR 10k this year on Sunday 10/13. It’s the Staten Island Half Marathon in my home town. And it has also become my last (and longest) training run for my fall marathons (NYC in 2011, Philly in 2012 and this year NYC again!). I log 7 miles before the start to end up with a good solid 20 miler for the day. So if I choose to push hard the day before to try for a PR, I might not have enough energy to get through 20 miles. HMMMM. I’m going to continue to mull over my plan for this. While the S.I. half has never been my fastest, it’s one of my favorites. It was my first ever half marathon back in 2007 where I finished in 2:36 and since then my times have ranged between 2:24 and 2:54. I get to drive to the start without hassle because I live so close to the start. I pick my bib and shirt up the morning of, and I’ve even been able to “christen” the porta johns because I’m there so early. AHHHH! Nothing like being the FIRST person to use a porta john.

And a big bonus is that I get to run these events with some of my Center of the Nation running peeps!

Autumn: This time of year here in the North East is so awesome. After suffering through 80 and 90 degree sticky, humid days, it’s a pleasure to finally have cooler and crisper temps in the 60s and 70s. The leaves on the trees turn all sorts of amazing colors and I love to crunch them as I run. Plus, Autumn is apple picking season! I LOVE to go apple picking and then I bake 2 apple crisps and eat them both myself in a weekend. (true story!). And I enjoy decorating my front porch with a cute li’l orange pumpkin (and a doodle).


My birthday: And this year on October 25th I’ll be turning 40! Woah! Crazy right? I don’t look act a day older than 12. =) Last year I got to celebrate twice and had 2 cakes. The one on the right was homemade by my amazing friend Butter


Halloween: While I don’t really dress up in costume anymore, I get a kick out of making Duncan suffer through some rather embarrasing looks.


Sherrif on the left and referee on the right

So there you have it. October is going to be a great month!

Question: What’s your favorite month? What’s your favorite season?