How is it Monday again?!

I’m just having a quick cup of coffee and the i’ve gotta hightail it to get ready for work!

Yesterday I set out for another bike ride. (Duncan just posed for the photo below when I got back because he’s a ham sandwich).

photo 2-1

It was sunny and cool and super windy. I felt like I was skiing because the cold air blowing on my cheeks was leaving them tingly. I took practically the same route as Thursday’s ride but the wind kept changing directions and it seemed like every single downhill left me pedaling just as much as the uphill! Like riding into a wall….Wow! What a workout. That’s the thing about bike riding. It’s not necessarily the mileage that makes the workout intense. It’s the hills. And I kinda am ignoring that calorie burn readout of 254. Runkeeper had no idea how hard I was pedaling. =)

When I moved into my home 14 years ago I had a little house warming party and someone got me these cute scarecrows which I proudly display on the bench by my front door each year. I added a pumpkin I got when apple picking a few weeks ago and boom…a little Autumn decorayyyysshhh.

photo 1-1


I finally washed my hair yesterday since getting it cut and blown out straight on Thursday. It was lovely to be reunited with my signature curls. I missed them.

photo 3-1

I have a feeling that my workouts are going to take a back seat this week. I’m REALLY busy and have lots of birthday plans coming up. Might just be a handful of walks and maybe I can get to the gym during lunch tomorrow. Most of my friends are in their taper phase for the NYC Marathon anyway so at least I won’t be reading about their 20 mile runs to make me feel bad. Speaking of NYC Marathon, I’ve got to make my plan for being the best spectator ever!

Have a great week everyone!

What did you do this weekend?