Hi folks,

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Since I’ve been trying to keep my running to a minimum for the next 10 days to let my little aches and pains resolve, I decided to go for a bike ride.



I must admit I’ve been using the hashtag #winning too much lately. So today, I got a little more creative #schwinning!¬†You’re welcome =)

I biked for about an hour covering almost 8 miles of rolling hills and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it.

Later in the day the Doodle and I met up for our walk with the Dogues…

photo 5

Athena and Zeus. Zeus is the one with the enormous tongue hanging out!

When it’s 67 degrees and sunny with gorgeous blue skies and rainbow color leaves everywhere I want to spend every waking moment outside and Duncan is totally ok with that =)

photo 3

warm and fuzzy

photo 1

the hills are alive…

photo 2

and I'm starting a new selfie trend #upsidedown

and I’m starting a new selfie trend #upsidedown

Today is probably going to be a repeat of yesterday only swap the bike ride for house cleaning (boo!). But I’m going to try for another ride tomorrow morning.

Have a fantabulous Saturday!

What are you doing today? Have you ever laid flat on the ground in the middle of the park to get an upside down aerial selfie? If you haven’t then follow my trend! It’s superfun!