Well whaddya know it’s Wednesday already. I really, really wanted to get in some type of workout yesterday but I’ll be honest. It didn’t happen. My knee had been feeling really good, even after my 2 bike rides but on Monday I wore some wedge heel boots and while walking briskly on my lunch break I felt that sharp pain again and now it’s been sore. GRRR! So back to wearing sneakers daily again. #lifeofarunner

A while back I mentioned the bottom of my foot hurting after a strenuous hike. Well, I’m starting to think it’s a bit of mild tendonitis because it keeps coming and going. Yesterday I actually pulled out this cool foot massager with heat that I got for my 40th birthday a year ago and used it before work. It actually helped. I’m not really worried just mildly frustrated. GRRx2

photo 1

Then, seemingly out of nowhere I seem to have hurt my arm, up by the bicep and shoulder area. I really have NO idea how I hurt it but my range of motion is limited and it hurts like a mofo if I extend the arm in certain directions. GRRx3!

The only thing I can think of is that I strained the arm while riding my bike (I tend to be really tense and grip the handle bars kinda tight. And then maybe I lifted something with the already compromised arm making it worse. There’s also the theory I just slept on it wrong. Yup. I’m famous for that -ish.

I popped a couple of advil this morning and I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning…

3 days until my 41st birthday and I’m falling apart here.

How are you feeling? Anyone injured or sick? I hope not but we all know misery loves company =)