Hi Gals n Guys,

Happy Thursday. You made it over the hump! I’ve been dragging the last few days and yesterday morning I had to really talk myself into a run.


fake smile

Once I got going I was fine. I reminded myself I have a half marathon on Saturday and I haven’t run more than 4 miles since 10/12 when I ran my last half. Whoopsie!

So I noticed yesterday that I now have readers from every single state in the United States. That makes me so happy. Lots of international readers too. 99 Countries in all!

The top 5 countries are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand

And now a few random reads…

Did you hear about this amazing story that happened on Sunday at the NYC Marathon? A man lost his wedding ring and it was found!

And one of my running peeps Jane sent me this link. So very true!

Well I’m off to clean off this laptop and reformat/reinstall. Wish me luck!

Question: Do you have any great lost, then found stories? I once found an earring of mine in my neighborhood a few hours after I realized it was missing. Nothing as valuable as a wedding ring though.


  1. My husband gave me a pair of earrings the night before we got married. I noted one day I didn’t know where they were, I wasn’t terribly concerned because I often take them off in the house and put them on an end table, or the bathroom counter–I felt confident they would turn up. Then weeks later, we were about to move, and my husband pulled out the dryer and disconnected it. I wiped out the vent and one of the earrings fell out. My heart sank, but then with another swipe, out came the other–WHEW!

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