First I have to share this funny link about 10 things nobody tells a woman before running a marathon

OK, now let me fill you in on my weekend. Yesterday morning it was POURING RAIN! I took the doodle out quick and then we curled up on the sofa watching old episodes of Mad About You while I sipped my coffee.

Duncan was waiting patiently for the rain to subside so he could take his tennis ball outside.


I took advantage of the weather and forced myself to do the mundane task of shredding old bills and filing new ones.

photo 1I’m terrible at keeping up with this. I want to go paperless but I need the bill to arrive in the mailbox to signal that I need to pay it. I’m a visual person.

I filled an entire bag of paper.

photo 5

All of a sudden around 3:30 the rain just stopped and the sun came out. I didn’t hesitate and grabbed my running gear and drove back to the beach where I ran on Thursday to try and get my long run in.

photo 3I wanted to hit 10 miles but at mile 7 I felt that same ache in my right knee (that i felt on Thursday) and after another mile and change it was getting more uncomfortable. I thought I’d just try and stretch a bit and then finish the last mile and change but when I squatted down I felt a sharp pain in the knee. So I did the smart thing and ended the run right there.

1004runLuckily there was no pain at all when walking so I hurried home, showered really quick and then took the doodle to the park to walk briskly for the 1.3 miles I didn’t get to run. Bingo! 10 miles even!


Duncan has the cutest little waddle walk…

This morning I hit the road at 7am to head down to the Jersey Shore to be a spectator and supporter for my boyfriend who was running the Jersey Shore Half Marathon. It was super windy and the temps at the start were in the upper 40s. But the wind didn’t seem to impact him at all. As a matter of fact he busted out a huge PR of 1:48:49, almost 5 minutes faster than his previous best. So proud of him! And I really enjoyed the spectator friendly and scenic course. Here are some shots I took along the course (i took lots of great shots of the boy, but he is camera shy so you’ll just have to enjoy the scenery mmkay?)


gorgeous views at mile 6


course views!



I stood right at the finish to see him sprint in

When I got home I I felt like I had run too. I think it was a combination of me being sore from the run yesterday and a little windburn/sunburn action too. So I took a little ibuprofen and laid down for an hour and then I was good as new. Next thing you know I was ready to take the Doodle for one final adventure before the weekend came to a close. I’ve been in a rut lately with where I take him so today I chose a new spot. We went to the trails that start out by the golf course. It’s so beautiful there.



photo 2



I love natural tree trunk/root sculpture.

I love natural tree trunk/root sculpture.

Next weekend I’ll be running the Staten Island Half Marathon. I’m going to do a short run on Wednesday and maybe another short run on Friday and that’s it. I want to make sure my knee can go 13 miles next weekend =)

So how was your weekend? 


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  1. Oh man, I think i’ll take my bronchitis over your knee issues. Take it easy!

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