Last night I had the bright idea that running at night after dark would be so much cooler than running in the morning where the sun is out at 5:30am. Mainly, I wanted to run because my evening commute was far from stellar. I had to stand on a bus with no air conditioning for close to an hour and a half. I could feel the sweat dripping down my back before we even made it out of Manhattan and into the Lincoln Tunnel. I needed to release that built up anxiety and frustration. I originally planned on starting out at 8pm but my IT guy wanted to remote in to my laptop to get me reconnected to our server at the office and I needed to be there for that. Have you ever had guests drop by unexpectedly when your house was a mess??? Well let’s just say the computer desktop could be it’s own episode of Hoarders! I am embarrased. Now the IT guy knows how disorganized and chaotic I really am. LOL!

So, back to the night run thing. Not having the sun beating down on me was definitely a plus but IT WAS STILL 91 DEGREES OUT at 9:30pm!!!!! So, still a “hot-and-stuffy-hard-to-catch-my-breath” run anyway. I did however enjoy the fireflies and the fact that by running last night I could sleep in a bit this morning. I started off with 2 miles that were snuff-worthy (10 min pace) and then by the third mile I slowed down significantly giving me an overall average pace of 10:22. I’ll take it! I have a 10k coming up this weekend and my goal is just to finish somewhere between 10 and 11 minute per mile average pace. If this race were in the cooler weather I might try for a PR which right now stands at 59 minutes.

heat wave

heat wave

I came back from my run and had successfully sweat out the small stuff (and the big stuff and just about everything)! Duncan loves to lick the sweat off my legs. Kind of gross. But I pick my battles. I’d rather he lick sweat than roll around in geese poo (I wish I were joking but yes folks, he has done that). Here he is in action getting his salt fix:

Duncan is quite interested in my running hobby. I caught him trying to use my foam roller the other day.

don't you know foam rollers are for fetch

don’t you know foam rollers are for fetch

Question: How would you choose to get over your fear? I’m thinking hypnotism would be cool.

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  1. ugh I’m on the east coast too and it’s ridiculously hot out there. Stay cool.

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