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It’s September 11th… I just want to start out by sharing this Facebook exchange…

sallpostsusanreplyYeah, I’m lucky to have come out of that tragedy practically unscathed. Susan never made it to her office (thank god!). Her picture frames on her desk and other personal effects became dust like the thousands of human beings we lost that day. I’ll never forget how scared I was 2 days later as I tried to resume “normalcy” and return to work. This just touches the surface of how that day has changed me and I’m sure all of us. How often do you find yourself meeting someone new, a stranger and somehow the question gets asked “Where were you on 9/11?”.

And so I set out for this morning’s run with that this, the 13th anniversary on my mind as I do so often (I still break into a sweat when my bus gets stuck in traffic in the tunnel or on a bridge thinking “is this the next target? am I going to die right now?). I actually set out for 6 miles today but I’m just feeling so sluggish. I decided to cut it short at 5.

photo 4

It’s crazy to me that lately I’m struggling with the mile between 4 and 5. It feels like I’m running a marathon. It’s like all I have in me is 3 milers and then I just poop out. I’m taking a step back to look at the big picture. It’s OK! I’m slow, I’m sluggish. But I’m still able to run. And have felt only minor aches in the injured foot that I seem to recover from quickly. #endsoapbox

I ran along the beach on a nice flat loose gravel trail. Thought that’d be a nice change of pace from my usual asphalt route. Oh, and I went and had a moment of silence on the beach. All was serene until I realized I stepped a little too close to the shoreline and the water came right up over my feet! #whoopsie

photo 1

I was so thirsty when I finished I guzzled 3 bottles of H2O!

photo 2 Of course I’ve been digging to the bottom of my running gear bin to wear every one of my past Ragnar shirts. Today was from 2011 =)photo 3

I’m currently drying out my kicks with the old trick of stuffing newspaper inside.

photo 5

I’ll rewind to last night quickly. Instead of running my 2-a-day today I opted to run late last night and then this morning. So I followed the moon for 3 miles and practiced running in the dark. Really gotta be Ragnar ready right?


Tomorrow I’m going to try for 3 runs. But only 2-3 miles each and then I think I’ll be taking a rest day. Holy cheese balls I’m leaving on Tuesday!

Have a lovely evening with your favorite people and make sure to appreciate them.

If you could tell one person something that you’ve always felt about them but never shared who would that be and what would you tell them?

Where were you on 9-11-01 and how did you find out about the terrorist attacks?




  1. Your FB exchange made me cry. Our experiences are so powerful when they are mixed with grief and your story of survival is bittersweet. It was the first real test I ahd with my then BF now husband. We ahd met 1 month before the attacks and clung to each other in our disbelief. Experiences like that made us stronger! Hugs!

  2. I was a little kid that had no idea what was happening living with my grandmother; I don’t even think we had television so we had no idea it was happening! My father said when he first saw the footage he thought it was from a movie though, so it was super shocking to find that it happened for real.

  3. I’m quite late reading/responding, but I was sitting in my Kindergarten classroom, in “group” with my students, when my paraprofessional came in the door, closed it softly behind her, and said, ” a plane just hit one of the WTC towers”. I can still see it to this day.

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