I ran 10 miles yesterday afternoon.

FullSizeRender Sometimes it just makes sense to get the long run out of the way on a Friday so the weekend can be uninterrupted. I’m lucky to have the flexibility in my schedule right now. And today while Mr. SOTSS is getting his long run in, I’ll be chilling back at the house with his 10-year old. Teamwork!

I didn’t have it in me to do a long run in the neighborhood again so I took it to the beach and ran along the pretty trails alongside the ocean and through other parts of the national park area.

I love living on a coast.

I love living on a coast.

quiet, secret trails

quiet, secret trails

The weather was gorgeous. Bright blue skies and about 59 degrees. I started out a little too fast for a long run but it caught up with me. I did however bust out my fastest mile in the last mile for the win!splits

And here’s a great shot AND an outtake from my timer-camera pit-stop about midway into the run.

successful timer-camera action (and when do i retire this shirt? I've been wearing it for 3 years now! I get so attached to my marathon finisher's shirts)

successful timer-camera action (and when do i retire this shirt? I’ve been wearing it for 3 years now! I get so attached to my marathon finisher’s shirts)

Unsuccessful timer-camera shot. LOL!

Unsuccessful timer-camera shot. LOL!

And no, unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m not the one with the long legs….Duncan is:IMG_2429

I need your help.

My running capris are getting really worn and I’m going to have to replace them soon. The ones in the pics above are not made anymore. They were the Brooks Essential Capri. Who’s got suggestions for good running capris?

  1. They need to stay up,
  2. not unravel along the seams,
  3. have a zipper pocket in the back,
  4. be closer to compression gear but not that tight and not come too far below my knee.

What’s the weather like by you this weekend? Ever do your long run on a Friday?


  1. Congrats on your 10 miler! I’m just back from my own 10 mile run, though my views were not nearly as scenic as yours. But, it’s 60 and sunny here in Wisconsin today and considering we had snow just 2 weeks ago, I’m not complaining! Re: capris, I have the Saucony Bullet Capris and absolutely adore them. Not only do they have a back zippered pocket, but they have stretchy side “cargo” pockets which hold your gels, keys, phone, etc. with no bouncing. Oh, and did I mention the awesome wide waistband?! This flattens my “mummy tummy” right out rather than causing bulges like some other capris/compression wear I’ve tried. So there you have it – I’m a huge fan!

    • I should also add that the wide waist prevents any slippage – these puppies stay put! I’m a hair shy of 5’4″ and they hit just below the knee – they are as “compressive” (is that a word?) as my CWX gear, but are a bit thicker and tighter than my Nike capris.

  2. I go through Happy Puppies Athleticwear. Absolutely love how comfy they are. I love how they have deep pockets on both legs. Check it out!

  3. I really like Oiselle’s Go Jogging Capris. I am really fussy about my running bottoms 🙂 I CANNOT STAND any tight/capri that slowly slides down when I run. These work for me!

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