Hi folks.

I’ve been staying at a friend’s house for the weekend keeping an eye on things…

Bailey and my Duncan being a naughty doodle

Bailey and my Duncan being a naughty doodle







Mostly furry things…a cat and 3 dogs plus Duncan is here with me which makes it 4 dogs and I can’t leave out Fishy Fish Fish who isn’t furry (and thankfully still alive).

Fishy Fish Fish

Fishy Fish Fish

When I arrived last night I got the ball rolling with dinner. It was almost a perfect success. But the little white guy Bailey needed a little coaxing by way of fresh turkey before he’d eat his dinner. Finally task 1 was complete.


I had packed myself dinner consisting of a big salad with a couple of hard boiled eggs and fresh turkey breast (which you now know i shared with the pooches). But then I had a hankering for something sweet. So I did what anyone would do when house-sititng, right?

photo 2


I raided their cookie jar! Look, she even has a reminder sign there too about eating cookies! Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble. Funny thing was my friend didn’t even know she HAD cookies in her cookie jar. LOL!

This morning, after feeding Fishy Fish Fish (named by a 3 year old) and the dogs I went out for a bike ride.

another beach ride

another beach ride

I reached my highest mileage to date and it was my fastest too. RunKeeper congratulated me!

photo 1

When I first got injured and started biking, my goal was to get to 30 miles. I still want to hit 30 and hopefully 30+ but i’m officially back to running on Tuesday and I’ll need to focus on getting some long slow runs in before the SF Marathon but I’m still keeping that goal out there for me to reach soon enough. And trust me, this is all good! I’m so happy to be getting ready to return to running but still WANTING to bike long. YAY for expanding my Sweat Out the Small Stuff repertoire.

So now i’m blogging while Duncan supervises as usual.

photo 3The other furr kids are supervising napping too.


It’s always best to nap straddling the couch

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’ve got a short week. Only working Monday-Wednesday. Anyone else have some days off this week for Independence Day? Do you like fireworks? 


  1. Bwahahahaha Duncan! Sally hopefully it only took you one shot! Lol

  2. I love the name Whiskey for a cat! My cat’s name is Whiskers!

    • Funny story is that my friend who has Whiskey owns a pet sitting company and named it Whiskers and Leo because she was afraid if people Googled Whiskey and Leo they’d get liquor stores =)

  3. I do like fireworks – but not on days that there are not supposed to be fireworks. I live in Ottawa and people think that it is cool to fire them off a week before Canada Day….

    Obviously no Independence Day here 🙂 But we only get Tuesday off – many people took today off to make it a longer weekend though!

  4. Yes, I am a teacher, so I have the whole week off 😉

    The idea of fireworks usually elicits a, “meh” response from me, but I like fireworks more when I actually see them!

  5. Only the one day off for me (Friday) but the hubby and I are headed out on a road trip for a long weekend of camping and kayaking. Super excited. Ready for a mini vacation!

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