Set the alarm for 6am so that I could run 4 miles before work. Somehow lately I’ve been sleeping right through my alarm. I think my hand knows how to push the snooze before the 8 minute interval is up. Well this morning it was the smallest, but most annoying chirp that woke me.

photo 2

The battery in my carbon monoxide detecter needs to be replaced. Who ever has replacement 9-volts? Not me! I’ve got 2 dozen AA batteries though…sigh! I actually remember doing a project when I worked at Scholastic about fire safety and they always suggest changing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries when you turn the clocks forward/backward (That would be April and November).

Anyway, I thanked the First Alert for getting me out of bed and set out for my run. First I had to devise a plan to remove the doodle from my lap. Eventually I remembered the magic words “Duncan, do you want a cookie?”. Unfortunately my legs felt super heavy and while the weather was lovely and cool I just wasn’t feeling it. So I cut it short at 3 miles instead of 4 and used my bonus 10 minutes to stretch and foam roll while catching up with Duncan (he says life is good!).

photo 3


Well I better go get ready for work. Don’t forget to stop by my blend (blogger friend) Shane’s blog to wish him a happy birthday today! Dude is 6 weeks older than me but that also makes him wiser =) Happy Birthday Shane! Mahalo!


How are you feeling today?


  1. I woke up late today still sleepy. I planned to work out this morning but it was too late! 😛

  2. I know that pain! My last house had smoke detectors that were all hooked up somehow so that when one went off, they all went off. Hello, nightmare! And, of course, it only happens in the middle of the night. One thing that is more annoying than one alarm going off: 5 of them going off simultaneously. At least you got a nice early morning run out of it!

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