Hi and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!

Hope you had a good week. After Monday night’s run I took off 3 days from running although I did walk plenty. I even took a few walks without Duncan including one after work at that park by my office.

Changed in the car. This is now becoming my new life.

Changed in the car. This is now becoming my new life.

While I love running, there’s something so effortless about walking. Not to mention I can multi-task while walking. I replied to some emails, scrolled through Instagram, made a shopping list and talked on the phone.

Tonight however I was ready for a run and in keeping my streak going I ran along the tow path for the 4th time.

First skirt appearance this year.

First skirt appearance this year.

Each time is as awesome as the previous (although the honeysuckles are not really in full bloom anymore so the glorious aroma has faded—leSigh!) Oh and today I saw this little snake.

IMG_3870But I also saw these cute mini daisies.


The tow path is mostly crushed red clay gravel/dirt and I took a lot of it home with me on my sneakers and my ankles…


I tried to take a real action running shot but it was too blurry

I tried to take a real action running shot but it was too blurry

I ended up getting 6 miles in before heading home to silly puppy head doodle bug shmoopsie poo


Nothing better than coming home to this boy

Nothing better than coming home to this boy

I’m trying to make a conscious decision each day to not waste the day worrying about the future. It’s so natural for me to worry about things that might happen years from now and it’s wasting my energy that could be spent right this minute. Today was a great day….I’m off to a great start!

Random: I’ve been driving so many highway miles lately that my Subaru is now getting a Marathon (+.2) Per Gallon. And you thought MPG stood for Miles Per Gallon. HA!


I made it through the week without any cookies, cake, pastries, ice cream or chocolate. But I did allow myself some lemon flavored sucking candies each day as my “dessert” and tonight after my run I got an iced caramel latte.

So what does your weekend look like? Busy? Chill? Whatcha doin?


  1. Love your goal of trying to live I the moment and worry less about the future – I’m trying to do the same this summer! My husband tells me I’m a recreational worrier ???? – time for a new hobby!

    Great job on avoiding treats this week! I’m still trying to clean up my diet post school-year as well – the amount of treats and baked goods in our teachers lounge is insane and so hard to say no to! I feel so much better without a rob is sugar and fat in my life, though. My one summer indulgence has been a near daily Fudgesicle – 40 calories and satisfies my summer sweet tooth for something frozen & chocolately.

    Off for 12 miles before the sun gets too high! I’m loosely training for a fall marathon but can’t quite get myself to actually register – we’ll see where the next few weeks take me (see, not worrying about the future or overplanning my life too much right now ????)!

    • Recreational worrier! Yep. I’m right there with ya. Hope you enjoyed your 12 miles….I’m terrible at replying to everyone’s comments in a timely fashion.

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