Happy Saturday!

Hope you’re having a fun weekend.

This morning I set out at 5:15 am for the city to run the Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope event in Central Park.

Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope

I’m a member of the New York Road Runner’s Club and if we run 9 of their races during the course of the year, and volunteer for 1 race we get guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon for the following year. I’m not sure yet if I want to run it again (I have run it twice), but I might as well work toward getting entry and then I can decide later on. Today’s race marks the 6th race. I’ve got 1 scheduled for October, 1 for November and one for December and I just signed up to volunteer to give out race bibs one day next month. So I’m on track to complete the 9+1 requirement.

Mike and Lisa (two of my Ragnar teammates) were coming into the city to run their first of 2 runs today so we met up on the corner of 77th and Central Park West and they met Forest(er) for the first time.



It was my first time driving the new wheels over my favorite bridge and into the city.

photo 5-2

My favorite bridge

And ironically I was parked in the Subaru Forester section. An older version was parked right in front of me.

photo 3-1

We ran about a mile and a half to where I had to pick up my race bib.

photo 2-1

one of the volunteers must have had a lot of time on their hands. They pinned 4 safety pins together and left little groupings. So you just had to grab one. =)

Then we met up with Marlon, a running peep who I’d never actually met in person before. He had the infamous Ragnar bag that’s been in our little relay running family for the last few years. Its’ got all the safety items like reflective vests and headlamps and fun things like soap crayons for decorating the outside of the van. I ended up running the entire race with Marlon which was great (thanks for the company Marlon!!). New stories to share and encouragement to keep me going through another hazy, hot and humid day. And a decent (for me) finish time.


After the race and a quick stop for iced coffee I headed home and jumped right in the shower. Then I grabbed the doodle and we went to my friend’s picnic.

photo 2-2

Hey Ma! They’ve got some good chicken. You should get a piece for yourself (and share with your dog…)

photo 3-2

Doodle loves to stand on picnic tables

We both had some kickin’ chicken….

And now I’m chillin’ on the sofa and watching some classic movies….Fools Rush In, then When Harry Met Sally and now Love Actually. Ahhh! I’m so happy to have nothing on the agenda tonight. (well I’ve got a ton of sweaty running clothes to wash but that can wait until tomorrow).

That’s it for now. Catch ya later…

What are your favorite types of movie? Did you run today? How far? How do you deal with sweaty running clothes? Any special detergent?



  1. No way! sweet deal to get in NYC. Can you give away your bib?! I’d like to come back to NY on a non-work trip!

  2. No running for me yesterday or today. We bought a new house and have been remodeling the kitchen all weekend so I am counting that as my excercise!

  3. I love that folks have that option for NYC, such a great way to get people involved. I enjoyed it, but think I’ll probably stick to smaller races for awhile…well I say that now 🙂 Yes post long run always cheesy Hallmark movies!

  4. sorry I missed you 🙁

  5. I use a sports detergent. I’m not sure of the brand, but I get it at my local running store.

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